Five Tips on How To Buy Fashionable Clothing By Spending Less

Fashion is beautiful, fashion costs. This introduction that maybe to somebody may seem to be despicable, actually sums up what every respected fashion person lives daily on his skin, ie having to find a compromise between the pleasure of being dressed in a suit he likes and the difficulty to succeed behind “economically” dictates coming from the world of fashion.

Here we do not refer to high fashion brands, those that, in purpose, suggest you a 500 dollars mark or a dress of 1500 dollars; the hardships in economics to follow the dictates of fashion are also the ones who live on who is satisfied with the prêt-à-porter, which changes and does it fast too, and every time it changes drives us to revolutionize our wardrobe with all that comes to the economic level.

That is why, unless you are lucky enough to rely on virtually unlimited personal or family assets, or give up following the trends of the moment, or you have to ingenuity and find alternative solutions.

Buy Fashionable Clothing
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The outlet

The various factors that influence the price

A first solution that many in fact already know is factory outlet. What are? They are usually shops dedicated to the big fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani or Chanel, where you can find the same (or almost) garments in the showrooms of the most prestigious shopping boutiques but find them considerably reduced prices.

On average, we talk about a possible savings that could easily exceed 50%, though in fact the percentage varies considerably on a number of factors: how old is it or how recently did the boss? Is it a boss that belongs to the latest collections? Is it season or off season? Based on the answers to these questions, the price is defined.

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Compare prices

The advantages of the web

A second suggestion that we feel we can give to so many and many addicted fashion that want to find an effective and cheap way to follow the trends of the moment without ending the choke is to follow what is happening on the web.

Generally – regardless of what you want to buy, that is a garment like in the example in question rather than a scent – the web is always an excellent counselor for who spends because it is a tool that puts us (albeit virtually ) in front of shops that operate from around the world, with the resulting variance of bids and prices.

Many offers for a question that you cannot meet; this, based on the basic rule of the economy, means lower prices. So the first way to save on purchasing clothes on the web is to compare; the second is to “go vertical” on those portals that offer greater convenience. Yes because it does not make sense to spot all the possible and imaginable offers on the web if you already know that there are websites that collect the best clothing offers such as this, a portal where users can quickly find and find shoes, clothes and accessories of hundreds of different brands.

Buy Fashionable Clothing
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How do they work?

A third and alternative savings tool that comes from the web and tailored to your needs on savings comes from all that range of promotions typical of the internet world that go under the name of coupons and discount codes. How do they work? With the coupon the user buys a garment on specific portals that can guarantee a discount rate comparable to those seen before with outlets.

Discount codes work in reverse; in practice there are dedicated portals where you can find free discount codes provided by fashion houses and clothing portals. These codes are valid only for purchase at specific retailers and specific merchandiser, and they also have an expiration date; when the user purchases a clothing item or accessory on which a discount code can be activated, he / she will enter it at the time of online payment and automatically the merchandiser will apply the discount or promotion to you.

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Used markets

Even if you need to know how to skim

From the Internet, or the future, to “more classical” savings solutions, we cannot fail to mention those places that for decades have been the only real saving tool for those who buy in clothing: used.

They are found in dozens of cities and are often unfairly classified as poor stuff. It is not always so; or better, it is true that at least 80% of the stuff in these markets is virtually unacceptable, but it is also true that there is that 20% of goods which is instead extremely interested and that in many cases can be purchased at prices three times lower than those traded in traditional business.

The swap party

The party to swap clothes

We’ve seen outlets and online shopping here, coupons or discount codes and used car markets.

You just have to know the fifth and final advice to save, that is, swap parties.

What is it about? The swap party are perhaps absolutely the newest tool and original among those ever treated here. These are festivals during which to swap dresses. I’m partly so. Anyone can arrange a swap party; just a living room and a set of at least ten people to create a group of dress exchanges in which to indulge in looking for new clothes and accessories, and where to try to place their own.

Usually when organizing a swap party you tend to invite friends or acquaintances; this is not always a good technique because only inviting people you know will not be able to find the most interesting, the least discounted ones, the ones you did not think before. A way to stay fashionable, do not spend even one dollar and maybe know new people.

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