Five tips for wet-weather camping

Most people’s idea of a fantastic camping trip is sitting in the sun with cold drinks and great food. Wet weather need not ruin your camping trip though, and in fact, some forward planning and minor alterations will ensure you still have a great time. Here are some great tips for camping in rainy weather.

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Buy an air mattress

The last thing you want is to lie on a damp floor. Air mattresses are essential to take on wet-weather camping trips. There are many available, and finding the right one for you will ensure a dry, peaceful sleep.


Weather conditions can vary, so it’s important to bring a variety of clothes. Avoid a heavy travel bag by mixing heavy and light clothes. A variety of t-shirts and hoodies is a great way to go, because they’re light to carry, but also provide warmth in cold weather. Jeans also offer comfort and warmth. Take sturdy footwear that will handle muddy conditions, but also provide comfort.

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Update your survival skills

The best thing about camping is that it tests your survival skills. You need to know how to light a fire and keep it burning in wet conditions. Fires also ward away animals from entering your campsite. If you’re planning on catching your own food to eat, then it’s important to have the right fishing equipment. If you’re planning on hunting, then make sure the area you’re staying in allows you to. Before you leave for your trip, go to an outdoor survival store such as to get advice on which items to take with you.

Plastic bags

Pack plastic bags of different sizes to store your items. Larger plastic bags will stop your laundry from becoming wet and will cover your backpack. You’ll also need to protect your phone and other valuable items. Matches can be protected with zip-lock bags and they need to remain dry or you won’t be able to light a fire.

Pitch your tent on level ground

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to pitch your tent on level ground. An uneven surface will leave gaps for cold air to get through, and you’ll inevitably be visited by some pesky critters. You can also put a blanket or water-resistant mat on the floor to absorb condensation.

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