office bag summer edition

What’s in my office bag: summer edition

As the seasons get warmer, we tend to keep everything we wear simple. But what about that big bag you take to work everyday to carry all the essentials? How do you figure out how to keep the stuff you need and leave out the rest? In order for you to ditch the huge handbag, we’ve put together some summer essentials that you should have in your work bag.

You can check for those and leave out all the unnecessary items that are just crowding your bag. But first, let’s talk about the handbag. For summer, you should look for something that is easy to wear like a tote bag for example. If you don’t already own a good summer bag, choose from these handbags options. They will add a touch of uniqueness while being colorful enough for the summer. Make sure you keep in mind that we didn’t include the necessary devices that you use at work. So your laptop, chargers and headphone should not be left out, you just want to add some specific summer pieces to the necessities you already have.


Something that should not be left out of your bag starting with spring and until the fall is sunscreen. Don’t get us wrong, you should still use sunscreen in the fall and winter, but you can keep it at home. During the sunny days, sunscreen should be applied every 2 or 3 hours, so it’s a must that you carry it with you at all times. For an easy approach to this, you can look into sunscreen sticks. They are smaller and very easy to apply, so they’re perfect for your work bag or travels.


Now that spring is done and we’re going into summer, you can ditch that umbrella that kept you prepared for anything. Instead, add a pair of sunglasses to your bag. If you have sensitive eyes, this pair of sunglasses will save you, and your makeup. It’s important to protect your eyes from the UV rays in the summer, so make sure you get some sunglasses with high UV protection. This item is for both comfort and health purposes, so don’t skip out on it. It also makes a great accessory, so you’ve got everything.

Prepare for the hot days

Something else that you might want to consider when packing your summer bag is the unpredictable. Summer days can go from a nice warmth to very high temperatures, so you want to make sure you’re still comfortable. Packing some hair ties, a deodorant and even an extra t-shirt can save you from getting uncomfortably hot or sweaty. That being said, consider your needs during the summer and try to leave nothing useful behind, as this season is tricky when it comes to comfort.

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