Tips for purchasing an Aran sweater

From being the favoured garment of fishermen from Aran, the benefits of this sweater are now being enjoyed across the world for both comfort and style. Before you choose the right one for you, here are some considerations:

Where will you wear it?

If you live in a city or town, choosing a lighter knit might be preferable. However, for those country dwellers or people who enjoy their outdoor pursuits in all weather, a thicker variety is a safer bet.

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The traditional hue is a beige/off-white sweater, however, today there is a range of colours available. Grey is hugely popular and looks perfect paired with jeans. If you are seeking the traditional look, choose an off-white combined with classic blue jeans. For a range of Aran Sweaters, visit a site like Shamrock Gift.

Machine or Handmade

A handmade sweater will usually have greater texture, with each piece being unique. A machine-made jumper won’t have the uniqueness of handmade but is likely to be cheaper and still appear as the real deal. Be sure what the retailer is offering as many are replicas of the original.


The chest of all Aran sweaters features some kind of design. Your personal preference will dictate whether you want a classic cable knit or a different design.

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A traditional sweater was designed to sit snugly against the body for warmth but today, there are baggier varieties that might feel more comfortable and less restrictive, so you’ll need to choose what feels right for you.


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