Maje Size Chart

Maje Size Chart – A Complete Guide

As a longtime fan of the iconic French fashion brand Maje, I know firsthand how confusing their sizing can be. With different maje size chart for various product categories and styles that run small, it’s hard to know what size to order, especially when shopping online.

After years of trial and error, I’ve finally cracked the code to Maje sizing and fit. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share everything I’ve learned about how their sizes really fit so you can find your perfect match. From dresses and tops to pants, outerwear, and more, consider this your cheat sheet to figure out your ideal Maje size.

Maje Size Chart

Category XS S M L XL
French Size 34 36 38 40 42
US Size 0-2 2-4 6-8 10-12 14-16
UK Size 4 6-8 10-12 14-16 18-20


French Size Bust Waist Hips
34 31-33″ 24-26″ 35-37″
36 33-35” 26-28” 37-39”
38 35-37” 28-30” 39-41”
40 37-39” 30-32” 41-43”
42 39-41” 32-34” 43-45”


French Size Bust Waist Hips
34 31-33” 23-25” 33-35”
36 33-35” 25-27” 35-37”
38 35-37” 27-29” 37-39”
40 37-39” 29-31” 39-41”
42 39-41” 31-33” 41-43”


French Size Waist Hips Inseam
34 25-27” 35-37” 31-32”
36 27-29” 37-39” 31-32”
38 29-31” 39-41” 31-32”
40 31-33” 41-43” 31-32”
42 33-35” 43-45” 31-32”


French Size Bust Waist Hips
34 31-33” 23-25” 33-35”
36 33-35” 25-27” 35-37”
38 35-37” 27-29” 37-39”
40 37-39” 29-31” 39-41”
42 39-41” 31-33” 41-43”

The Maje Size Conundrum

Maje Size Conundrum

Before we dive into the specifics, it helps to understand why Maje sizing seems so complicated compared to other brands. There are a few key factors at play:

French Sizing Runs Smaller

As a French brand, Maje uses the French sizing system which runs smaller than American or British sizes. A French 36 is equivalent to a US size 2, not a US size 6. This discrepancy is a source of endless confusion!

Varied Sizing Charts

Unlike some brands that use a universal size chart, Maje has different charts for dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, and accessories. The sizing is not consistent across product categories.

Vanity Sizing

Maje is known to engage in vanity sizing, meaning the sizes run smaller than the actual measurements would indicate. So a size large T-shirt actually measures like a Small. This makes it especially hard to rely on Maje’s size charts alone.

Inconsistent Fit

There can be considerable variation in fit between two pairs of jeans or dresses in the same listed size. The cut, fabric, and stretch levels all impact the fit.

Figuring out what size to buy requires decoding Maje’s inconsistent sizing across their product line. Once you know what to look out for, you’ll be sure to find pieces that are a perfect match for your body and style!


As one of Maje’s most popular categories, their dresses exemplify the brand’s feminine French flair. From mini lengths to midi and maxi styles, there’s a dress for every occasion. Here’s how the sizes generally fit:

Size Down 1-2 Sizes

Maje dresses almost always run large – I’ve found I need to size down 1-2 sizes compared to other brands. A dress labeled a US size 4 fits more like a size 2.

For reference, I normally wear a size 4-6 dress in American brands like Reformation and Aritzia. For Maje, I opt for a size 2-4 to get the right fitted shape.

Pay Attention to Fabric

The stretch level of the fabric dramatically impacts dress sizing. A structured cotton dress won’t have any give and will fit smaller. A knit style with spandex will have more wiggle room.

I try on spandex dresses in my normal size, and size down for non-stretch fabrics. Stretchier fabrics like jerseys will be more forgiving of sizing up or down.

Watch the Length

Maje dresses tend to run short – sometimes several inches shorter than the measurements indicate. If you’re in between sizes, consider sizing up for a bit more length.

For example, I’m 5’5″ and the XXS size of a fitted midi dress was bordering on indecently short. I tried the XS and it was a much better length while still fitting well through the hips and waist.

Size Up for Looser Fits

For looser fitting shift or babydoll styles, consider sizing up from your usual Maje dress size. These styles have more room built into the silhouette, so your regular size may end up too tight.

I usually wear a size 2 in bodycon dresses, but opt for a 4 in Maje’s looser shift styles to get the intended drapey fit. Sizing up prevents the dress from clinging too tightly to my figure.

All in all, Maje dresses tend to run a full size or two larger than the tag indicates. Stick to your regular size for stretchy fabrics, size down for structured materials, and size up for looser fits.


Maje Tops

From embellished blouses to off-the-shoulder tops, Maje has a knack for creating luxe everyday tops with Parisian flair. But the fit can be hit or miss. Here are my top tips:

French Size Your Tops

Maje tops are labeled according to French sizing, which is smaller than American sizes. A size 36 (French small) is equivalent to a US size 2. So always size down!

For example, I wear a US size 4-6 but buy Maje tops in a French 36 or 38 (US size 2-4). Buying your exact US size will almost certainly result in a top that’s too large.

Choose Your Correct Bra Size

Proper bra fit makes all the difference, especially for fitted bodice styles. Make sure you’re wearing the right bra size so you pick a top that fits properly through the bust.

Maje designs for a French customer base, so their tops are made for smaller band and cup sizes on average. If you’re above a D cup, sizing up may be necessary for a good fit through the bust.

Play with Proportion

Cropped, boxy, and oversized tops are meant to be worn a size or two up for the right proportions. Size down, and these loose silhouettes will fit awkwardly tight.

For example, I tried my usual French 36 in an oversized button-up top and it was constricting and cropped. The French 38 was still nicely fitted at the shoulder and bust, but looser through the body as intended.

Avoid Clingy Fabrics

Maje uses a lot of delicate, fluid fabrics like silk and viscose for their tops. These tend to cling and emphasize any lumps or bumps. Stretchier cotton blends have more wiggle room.

I only buy silky camisoles or wrap tops in a forgiving stretch fabric, otherwise I know they’ll cling unflatteringly. And I rely on stretch cotton for button-ups to avoid gapping.

With the right French size adjusted for your bra fit and the top’s silhouette, you’re sure to find a top that suits you perfectly!


Finding the perfect fitting pair of pants is challenging enough without trying to decipher French vanity sizing! But after plenty of trial and error, I have tips for finding your match:

Size Down 1-2 Sizes

Just like with dresses, you’ll want to drop down 1 or 2 sizes from your normal size when buying Maje pants. Their jeans and trousers run large.

I’m normally a size 4-6 in pants from Madewell, Topshop, etc. For Maje, I’m a true French size 36, which equals a US size 2 or 26 in jeans. Sizing down is truly key!

Consider Your Height

I’m 5’5″ with an average inseam of 30″, but I almost always need to get Maje pants shortened. Their pants run long, so petites should size down and regular-height folks should try their normal short inseam.

If I bought my usual size, the pants would be swimming on me length-wise. Sizing down helps get the right proportions.

Size For Your Widest Point

Pants fit is all about the waist-to-hip ratio. Make sure to size for your widest points – usually the hips and bum.

Maje jeans often have less stretch than typical American brands. I size according to my hips and butt even if that means the waist is a bit roomy. You can always take the waist in, but the hips don’t lie!

Ignore the Number

Don’t get hung up on what the tag says. Maje sizes 26, 36, 46, etc don’t equate to US sizes. Focus on fit rather than the number on the pants.

I used to insist on wearing a size 4 and would squeeze into undersized Maje pants. Now I focus on the measurements. A French 36 pair of jeans actually fit me best, regardless of what that converts to in US sizing.

Try a Wide Range

Be prepared to try on a wide range of sizes to find the right fit. Don’t assume you’re a single size across all pants.

I vary from a French 34 to a 38 in Maje pants. The cut, fabric, and stretch levels all influence what size ultimately fits best. Don’t be shy to grab a few sizes.

With the right size adjusted for your height and body shape, you’ll finally land on that magical pair of Maje pants that fit you like a glove!


Maje Size Chart Outerwear

When it comes to jackets and coats, Maje excels at chic, structured outerwear with Parisian edge. Avoid looking like you’re swimming in an oversized jacket with these tips:

Size Down for Fitted Silhouettes

Cropped moto jackets, fitted blazers, etc are meant to skim the body. Make sure to size down for a tailored look.

For example, I’m typically a US size 6 but size down to a French 36 or 38 for Maje’s fitted leather and denim jackets. This prevents drowning in excess material while still allowing room to layer a chunky sweater underneath.

Size Up for Oversized Styles

For intentionally looser, boxier styles like oversized trench coats, consider sizing up. These coats will fit very tight and awkwardly if you stick to your normal size.

I usually wear a French 38 in Maje tops and jackets. But for a slouchy oversized coat, I’ll size up to a 40 or even 42 to get the intended silhouette. There’s nothing chic about bursting at the seams!

Adjust for Layering

During colder months, account for layers underneath when choosing your size. Your regular Maje jacket size may fit uncomfortably tight over a heavy sweater.

For a coat I plan on wearing over bulky sweaters and turtlenecks, I’ll size up from my usual French 36 to a 38 to leave room for insulation.

Mind the Shoulders

Jackets should fit comfortably across the shoulders and upper back. Make sure to have the full range of motion without shoulder seams digging in.

If the shoulder seams pinch, it’s a sign the jacket is too small. Size up until you can move your arms freely. Properly fitted shoulders prevent that scrunched, stiff feeling.

Check Arm Length

For jackets with long, slim sleeves, confirm they are the right length when buying online. Petites should watch for sleeves that are awkwardly long.

I have short arms, so often jacket sleeves are too long for me. Sizing down helps shorten overly elongated sleeves to the proper wrist length.

A well-fitting Maje jacket flatters the figure while still leaving room for stylish layering. Size down for a close cut or size up for an intentionally relaxed silhouette. Proper shoulder and sleeve length puts the finishing touch on the perfect topper.


Maje’s accessories exude that effortless Parisian allure. From buttery leather bags to statement sunglasses, these elevated essentials pull any look together. Here are my top tips for accessorizing with Maje:

Scarves Are One Size

Infinity scarves, silk scarves, and seasonal knits are all one standard size. There’s no need to stress about fit.

Maje scarves are on the smaller side, so size up if you prefer more wraparound coverage. Their classic sizes work beautifully as neckerchiefs tied in creative knots.

Stretch Belts Are Forgiving

For the most versatility, opt for belts with stretch fabric rather than leather. This allows some size flexibility if your waist fluctuates.

Maje’s stretch belts fit waist 26″ and up according to the size chart. I’m usually around a 27″ waist and their belts accommodate me well.

Mind the Strap Drop

For handbags, pay attention to strap drop if you’ll wear it over the shoulder. Too short of a strap drop isn’t flattering for petite frames.

I’m 5’4″ and watch for bags under a 9″ strap drop, as those tend to hit an awkward spot on me. Longer straps above 10″ give more flexibility.

Avoid Final Sale Shoes

Splurging on Maje shoes may be tempting, but their footwear does run quite narrow. Be sure to try them on before buying if possible.

I’ve found their shoe size run at least a half size small, sometimes more. Size up if you’re between sizes to avoid uncomfortably pinched toes!

Sunglasses Are True to Size

Sunglasses Are True to Size

Maje’s sunnies are pretty standard in terms of fit. If you know your usual eyewear size, you’re safe to buy those same dimensions.

I’m able to wear my go-to medium size with no issues. The styles I’ve tried haven’t run obviously large or small.

For a pulled-together designer look, rely on Maje’s accessories to elevate your outfit with that je ne sais quoi. With smart sizing choices, you’re guaranteed to exude Parisian cool.


What size should I buy if normally I wear a US size 6?

For dresses, tops, jeans, and jackets, stick to a French size 36 or 38 for a US size 6. This will prevent items from running too oversized.

Do Maje shoes and accessories fit true to size?

Shoes tend to run at least a half size small, so size up. Accessories like sunglasses, scarves, and jewelry are generally true to size.

I’m petite at 5’2″ – what size should I get?

Opt for shorter lengths when available, and size down from your normal size, especially in dresses and pants to prevent a too-long fit.

How do Maje swimsuits fit?

Maje swimwear is labeled with European sizing, so an EU 36 is equivalent to a US 4, an EU 38 is a US 6, and so on. They run true to size so buy your usual.

I’m curvy – will Maje jeans fit me?

Look for styles with stretch fabric that contain elastane or spandex. Size up for a looser fit if needed. Maje denim tends to have less give than American jeans.

Finding Your Match Made in Paris

As a longtime fan, I can personally attest to both the frustration and joy of finding that perfect maje size chart that fits like it was made for you. By decoding their quirky sizing system, you can confidently order online and broaden your Maje horizons.

Remember to size down for dresses, tops, and bottoms to accommodate the French sizing. Pay attention to fabric content – stretchier styles have more give. Be prepared to try a wide range depending on the garment’s silhouette and your individual body shape.

Forget limiting yourself to a single size. Mix and match French sizes across categories until you discover your true Maje match. With the right know-how, you’ll be donning the brand’s signature Parisian style with absolute perfection.

So embrace your inner French girl, make peace with vanity sizing, and get ready to shop your new true Maje size with complete confidence! And don’t forget to wear it with that effortless je ne sais quoi attitude – c’est magnifique!

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