Items that every woman in the fashion industry have

Women working in the fashion industry are naturally stylish and trendsetters. And some items they all have in common, using them on a typical market day run. And so I know which are the parts that they do not live without, we separate a list of items and why they are indispensable in their closets. We will see?

Flats stylish

No woman can stand one grasshopper all the time. And it is for this reason that the fashion girls always have a stylish flat at times asking for style and comfort. Be a loafer, a sneaker or a wonderful tennis, the flat shoes are musts in cabinet who has the race routine.

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Perfume for all hours

All fashion girls have a fragrance to call her! After all, nothing more stylish than a woman smelling with a characteristic perfume.

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The trench coat perfect

The trench coats are perfect for those who travel a lot and are suitable for different climates and situations. Not to mention that the piece is super versatile and timeless, working for the most different types of commitment.

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3rd part one available

Coats, scarves or jackets are always on hand Women’s fashion industry. That’s because you never know the temperature inside environments with air conditioning, planes and cities around the world!

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Besides giving a touch stylish production, the sunglasses are perfect for times when fashion girls are wearily aspect. They disguise and help make up the look.

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Travel Bags

How to get a travel routine without having a carrying case is not it? The fashion industry women need something practical and that, in a way, compose the production. A sturdy case and with neutral colors fulfill this function in a wonderful way!

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