How to choose jeans based on your body

Jeans is the piece of clothing par excellence, there is no wardrobe that does not have at least a pair of jeans inside. Trousers are certainly more practical and comfortable to wear but there are different models and types. Let’s find out which is the most suitable jeans model for us!

Jeans is the most used clothing item by women, not only for its comfort but also for its extreme versatility. It can be made sporty, casual, elegant, it is, in fact, adaptable for any occasion.

The jeans is a trousers made with a particular fabric called denim, which as a type of fabric is very resistant, in fact, at the beginning it was used only as work wear, but then with time it became in effect, the garment clothing most used by both men and women.

On the market there are various types of jeans to satisfy all tastes and also different needs, such as economic ones.

The various fashion houses, starting from the one for excellence in the field of jeans, Levis Strauss, have created an infinity of models and types, such as those designed for social occasions, with applications of rhinestones and beads, or those with fabric faded stone washed jeans, those with push up inserted and then the last born that is the jeans in Fit Lycra that was created by joining the denim fabric to a particular lycra fiber that gives the jeans a lot of elasticity making it comfortable and adaptable to any physical.

But often many of us ask ourselves, what the most suitable jeans for your body is, because there are many jeans models, you only need to know how to choose well that which values us more than others.

We start from the fundamental premise that the main points that we must consider to determine the fit of a jeans are: the cut, the waist and the height of the pockets, elements that must absolutely be in harmony with each other.

We begin to examine the various models of jeans and to which physical conformation they adapt most.

Boot Cut for all


Boot Cut jeans that at the bottom are slightly flared, are not tight on the thighs and softly fall down the hips. They are suitable for any type of body, also because if you have a few extra pounds, these jeans have the advantage of enhancing the curves of our body.

Certainly the women who are more rounded (for example those who have the physique with apple) have the opportunity to streamline their silhouette by choosing the darker color.

The boot Cut can be worn safely with boots, heels or sneakers so they are extremely versatile and usable for any occasion.

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Skinny jeans for long lines


Skinny jeans are very trendy and tight, in fact, for this they are suitable for those who are long-limbed and lean, ideal for those with a grissino body. They mark all the points of the body, from the lower back to the calf, and therefore they can be worn well by women with a slim body and medium-high stature. The skinny pants match well with the ballerinas, the half-leg boots, and the sneakers.

High-waisted jeans to flatten the belly


They are presented occasionally by fashion but are not much loved by women. Although they are adaptable to any type of body, they are ideal for hiding a few extra pounds because they apply the belly but can bring out the slender sides. The trick is therefore to know how to combine them perfectly with more slippery items to harmonize the waist with hips or with crop tops and more tight and short knits if you have a long-limbed body.

If the model is tight, then they are perfect with both heels and sneakers; if they have softer legs, better with trochets or wedges.

Low waist jeans to enhance the B side


While enhancing the physicists that tend more to the long-line, and that however do not have excess pounds in the waist, they are widely used by all women.

The advice is to use this type of jeans being careful not to exaggerate by showing the underwear we are wearing, and especially choose them for life is not very low if we have the classic “love handles”.

Flare jeans for the thin ones and those with wide hips


They are the “leg” jeans that is narrow to the thigh and flared from the knee down. They are recommended for slender and tall physicists but also for those who have a narrow waistline and more generous hips such as a pear shaped body due to the shape of flare jeans that harmonizes the width of the hips. They go very well with shoes with wedges and tops and shirts with colorful prints. They become casual with sneakers and have a connotation instead of seventies with wedges and shoes with platform.

Wide Leg Jeans: no for those with short legs


They are good for any type of body, except for those with short legs. If you are more robust, you can opt for sweaters that cover the belly on the contrary who has a flat abdomen can match them with minitops.

Baggy jeans: no for the skinny, yes for those who are tall


This cut of jeans is not good for those who are too thin since it tends to apply the side Bquindi would hide all forms. It has a regular waist and the soft leg therefore becomes ideal for those who are very tall and want to visually remove a few centimeters. As an outfit: it can also be combined with sports shoes or moccasins, perhaps with a cuff at the back.

Well of course, before buying a jeans you must always try it and pay attention to how you dress your figure and especially if you value or not.

And do not forget that you can enhance your jeans with accessories, such as with a beautiful colored belt or with rhinestone and bead appliqu├ęs.

Good choice!

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