Colorful umbrella for cloudy days

In times of emotional darkness must open umbrella to protect us and help us get up and keep fighting. We show you how.

Colorful umbrella for cloudy days, the truth is that sometimes do not really know why, but a gray day followed another, darker, and then another, until concatenate a strange season of bad weather which is very difficult to lift your head.

This is normal! Believe it or not, you’re not the only person who feels unwell or perceive that nothing is going right at times.

We all go through those periods of difficulty or personal distress in which, no matter how high the sun seems to shine not for us. Sometimes it is not even necessary to have been a “bad thing”. It is rather a slow, deep apathy and an uncomfortable uneasiness that makes us lose courage and even hope.

Colorful umbrella
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For those days, do not hesitate, colorful umbrella. They are invisible shields that will allow us to protect us from toxic people, negative thoughts, fears and concerns. We encourage open every day. We explain how.

Our emotional umbrella and wind of happiness

Emotional umbrellas are insurmountable barriers that protect our self-esteem and, in turn, give some color to those gray emotions, something off.

One aspect to consider is that we are all entitled to have our dark days. Embracing our demons and meet our fears is certainly something therapeutic: we can know each other better.

Now, after having bottomed out, getting up it is a must, and we will driven with renewed strength, with illusions more intense. Because remember: the day you wake up without an illusion is a lost day.

Martin Seligman is a noted psychologist who represents that very interesting stream of positive psychology. It certainly interesting to analyze his career, since it was for a time a benchmark in the area of depression, coining such important terms as learned helplessness.

Now gradually she realized that most areas of psychology were oriented to the field of disease or those more complex dimensions related to negative emotions.

So far, nobody had bothered to teach us to “be happy” to deploy our colorful umbrella to get carried away by the wind of happiness, free from dark storms.

Since then, thanks to books like True happiness or learned Optimism, offered us wonderful strategies to be a little more adept at promoting the welfare of this vital energy based on overcoming and joy.

We explain now what are the 5 steps according to Seligman to build our happiness, to open these colorful umbrellas. The technique is called “PERMA” and corresponds to each of these keys.

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P – Positive Emotions

A major positive emotion, more happiness, certainly seems too obvious rule, but … how do I get it?

  • Change your thinking and you create a new emotion.
  • Start with the smallest things, the most basic. Something as basic as getting out of bed thinking that “today will be a good day” can be very suitable.
  • Other proposals would, for example, “I will not let what this person says or does affect me” or “today I will take care of me and prioritize”.

E – Engagement or Involvement

In this key, Martin Seligman proposes the following: be able to engage positively in each activity of the day.

Try to do it, even if your tasks are routine and rather boring; try to view those obligations with another color, another perspective.

R – Relationship

Our relationships in everyday life can be, on the one hand, the focus of greater happiness or, conversely, what more headaches bring us.

Open again your colorful umbrella to keep you protected against those who want to bring you worries, problems or troubles. Then takes your hand to those who truly enrich your life, you get light and happiness.

M – Meaning

This dimension is more complex but easy to understand. It is involved in something that gives us a sense, a utility value.

The useful while comfortable and excited with certain projects or people feel makes our welfare flourish every day.

Seeks what motivates you, excites you that makes you feel good about yourself while useful.

A – Achievement

Feel that we are able to achieve our goals, we are working, that our efforts have rewards, shape these achievements we also offer happiness.

The key is to be consistent, not to lose heart or hope in dance every day of our lives with these colorful umbrellas to protect us from the cloudy days. To know more charming article visit this blogĀ

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