Christmas nails: ideas for holiday nail art

Ideas for nails with decorations and designs for Christmas and New Year. Beautiful, refined, trendy: bring the magic to your hands with these unmissable inspirations!

Celebrating Christmas is more magical if you do it with a Christmas nail art. In-gel, semi-permanent, glossy, matte, with or without adhesives, Christmas nails are a nice and original way to give your festive look an edge.

For this, we have chosen more than ideas for making Christmas and New Year nails. For very young and not so young people, from the classic burgundy to real works of art in miniatures to be brought back on the nails: you are really spoiled for choice!

Christmas nails, all the ideas to be inspired by

The proposals for this Christmas are numerous. Play with nail art, play a cute Santa on your nails, or sport stylish nails with snowflake stickers or a stick figure of a flying reindeer.

The number one rule to not go wrong with Christmas nail art is always the same: never overdo it or overdo it! Reflect on your nails the desire to celebrate the most magical time of the year while keeping yourself sober, elegant, and never excessive. Hands are your best calling card and during the holidays a good nail art gives your party looks an edge.

Simple Christmas nails, sober but with styleChristmas nails

They will be simple but it cannot be said that they are not original. The simple Christmas nail art frames the holidays with references to the great classics of the period, from colors such as red, silver, gold, blue, and green to stickers with hollies, firs, Santa Claus, elves, polar bears, and comets.

Traditional colors represent an indispensable Passepartout for Christmas. Red is the king of the holidays, thanks to its incisive presence, a symbol of celebration, and spokesperson for the typically Christmas panache. Glossy, matte, metallic. Red gel or semi-permanent nails, from burgundy to coral. Red nail polish is a timeless classic.

Leave the nail polish alone if you want a sober look, apply small stickers, or alternate a second color if you want to give your red an unforgettable look. Among the nail decorations for Christmas, the most sought-after are those relating to Christmas animals, Christmas figures such as Santa Claus, stars, and snowflakes. Bring the magic of Christmas to your nails with a hint of sobriety and a sprinkle of elegance.

The nail art with alternating colors is a great way to show off original Christmas nails. Apply only one color on four nails, the other paint it with the shades of polish that best match the main color, even with a different finish is fine. An example? Burgundy gel polish alternating with golden glitter or metallic silver nail polish.

Christmas gel nails

Gel ones are generally the most suitable nail art to better enjoy the holidays. They are ultra bright, they have a better yield than the classic glazes thanks to their glossy 3d effect that makes the drawn subjects almost alive.

The ideas for Christmas gel nail art include strictly glossy nails, embellished with bright decorations such as glitter and light points. Why prefer them? Simple: they are feminine and are good for any occasion.

You can choose Christmas gel nails lacquered in red, blue, white, and gold, silver and black, transparent with shiny rhinestones. At Christmas, success will be ensured with such a flawless manicure.

Christmas nail art for nailsChristmas nails

If you are a creative type you can have fun with nail art with penguins. Disney cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie in the Christmas version. Or the very nice Olaf, the snowman protagonist of Frozen. If you want to stay on the classic and express your art choose nails with reindeer, polar bears. And the whole team of Santa Claus with a lot of reindeer in tow!

In this case, matte pastel nails are perfect for tender and romantic nail art, just like those who wait for Christmas only to snap the long-awaited kiss under the mistletoe. Hearts, snowflakes, gift boxes, poinsettias. And reindeer in love are just a few ideas to inspire you for perfect festive nail art.

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