Armani says goodbye to the leathers

More and more companies dedicated to the world of fashion to say goodbye to the use of fur in their collections of clothes. The latest addition has been the Armani Group. In his next collection fall / winter 2016-2017 skins are no longer present in their designs. This decision was taken after holding several meetings with Fur Free Alliance, an international association that brings together various organizations fighting the trade in animal skins.

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From Fur Free Allian they have highlighted the following:

“This announcement Armani proves that it is possible for designers and consumers have creative and luxury freedom without supporting animal cruelty. Armani is and has been for decades a leader in the world of fashion and this announcement also is a test that compassion and innovation are the future of fashion.”

And Giorgio Armani has said:

“I am delighted to announce that the Armani Group has signed the pledge to end the use of fur in their collections. The technological progress of recent years allows us to have our valid alternatives available that make it unnecessary and cruel use of animals” and Continuing with the positive process undertaken years, my company now takes an important step forward to reflect our focus on the essential aspects of the protection and care of the environment and animals.”

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Armani is not the only company that does not use fur in its designs: Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein neither do. Most of the leather used in the fashion industry comes from farms where wild animals are kept in appalling conditions and are killed by cruel methods. In addition, fur production has high environmental costs and health risks.

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