Ecobee thermostat: The SmartThermostat has support for Alexa and to access audio via streaming

Now that we prepare for the arrival of summer, Extreme temperatures can be commonplace in our day to day, so having an air conditioning system in the home can be a solution for overcoming the inconveniences that this changing climate can generate.

An air conditioning in which the use of a thermostat is fundamental, being even better if it is an intelligent thermostat. It is the way to control the temperature at home from anywhere, even if we are absent from home and at the same time, benefit from our daily use to learn and be more proactive. This is what the new Ecobee thermostat promises.

A new model in which the company leaves aside the nomenclature based on numbers as in previous models and opts for a new type of names. The new model comes under the name of SmartThermostat.

Ecobee thermostat

With a very clean and polished design, the SmartThermostat includes an LCD-type touch screen with glass cover that facilitates the control of the most common parameters if we do not want to use the controls by voice or through the mobile application Ecobee, available on iOS and Android. The connection is made thanks to the support of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for dual band Wi-Fi.

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Ecobee has made efforts to improve the control of temperature and for this it has included a sensor capable of controlling the temperature but also detecting the movement. This allows you to know if there is any person in the room and adjust the temperature.

A model this SmartThermostat in which highlights the inclusion of voice support to use Alexa and voice controls so that it is easier to use without having to use our hands. In this way and only with verbal commands we can control the temperature, turn off or turn on the air conditioning … and if we have a compatible speaker, make a call or send a message from the device.

To offer these functions, the SmartThermostat includes a digital microphone accompanied by an AI system that is responsible for improving natural language processing and speech detection.

Ecobee thermostat

In addition, the new SmartThermostat allows thanks to the inclusion of a loudspeaker, its use to listen to streaming audio services music case of Spotify (it is compatible with Spotify Connect), Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora and TuneIn. And if you do not want to use the thermostat audio, you can always transmit the music to a speaker thanks to the new compatibility with Bluetooth connectivity.

The SmartThermostat offers an advantage over other alternatives and is that it does not require an electrical outlet nearby, because it includes a battery that grants autonomy that the manufacturer figures in five years.

Price and availability

The SmartThermostat is already on sale on the manufacturer’s website and on specialized shop pages for a price of $ 249.

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