Dress well to work better! Each has own dress code

Dress code at work: How important is it?

How many have we heard exclaiming that the habit makes the monk? Of course, it is a simple way of saying yet we cannot pretend that it does not contain a fund of truth. Those who work in contact with the public, especially sellers and commercial buyers, need a particular outfit, in line with what they are sponsoring or selling. The dress code of a vendor, whatever its scope or sales sector, cannot under any circumstances appear sloppy, uncared for and, above all, not inclined to understand the real wishes of those who are in front of it. Think of a seller of jewelry or precious stones: surely, it would be out of place if she wore an aged and worn-out jeans, a pair of sneakers that has seen better years and a very simple, almost monastic shirt. So it just doesn’t work! Nobody would be tempted to buy a jewel, a clear reference to a luxury item, from a person who does not care about his appearance, who has chosen his dress code with far too much nonchalance. How much would our desire to buy precious and gems change if we found ourselves in front of a young and well-groomed woman, with a pinstripe skirt or trouser suit, high but comfortable heels and long, tapered hands, nicely decorated with a simple yet effective nail art ? This would probably affect our final evaluation, inducing us to buy what is presented to us in such an affable and fascinating way. The dress code, therefore, counts more than we think, it is the first business card to conduct a sale in port which, often, can prove more difficult than expected.

Formal and elegant enough: so the dress code is a winner

Let’s face it: being a woman is an extremely difficult undertaking. Even when we talk about the right outfit to wear in the workplace. To tell the truth, men do not need too much advice or artifice to always look their best at work: a dark suit, a refined shirt, a silk tie and classic shoes are the basic outfit for every man in career, be it a freelancer or a seller. For a woman, however, things are not so simple. If the basic rule is to adopt a formal and elegant look but without too many excesses to avoid being “too much” and out of context, each sales category includes a specific dress code which would be a good rule and a rule to follow scrupulously. Before thoroughly analyzing the look of all the professional sales categories, let’s try to understand what the real strengths of a work wear set may be. If, in fact, until some time ago it was necessary to be cured and fully dressed, focusing on a rigorous and sophisticated outfit, today the seller or aspirant is required some extra effort. Preliminarily, the seller must immediately recall to the customer the idea of the brand or object that it is responsible for representing. An example? If the seller is sponsoring a brand that deals exclusively with scarves and scarves, obviously she cannot avoid wearing the best garment offered by the collection.

To do and to do not: right and wrong in the working dress code

As we have just had the opportunity to anticipate every workplace and every sales representative has his own outfit to respect. Some general rules, however, must apply to all the sellers: if the dress makes the monk, that it should be respectable, then! Preliminarily, being in contact with the public is not a simple undertaking: especially in the context of fairs, stands and conferences, it may happen that you have to stand for long periods of time and on heels, then arriving at the end of the evening like real own scrap. But why suffer? Unless the company imposes a meticulous dress code or clothing studied in detail, it can be glamorous, flawless and sophisticated even without having to wear stiletto heels. In principle, a representative must avoid excessively informal or too brightly colored clothing. If, in fact, in the first case, no buyer will be willing to buy anything from a person in a suit or from the outfit that does not suit what he is proposing, in the second case there is a risk of diverting the customer’s attention, too distracted by a make up heavy, especially during the day, with bright and fluorescent colors. Secondly, avoid choosing clothes that are too loose or too tight: the risk is to have bulges, wrinkles and creases everywhere, making the chosen outfit rough and devoid of any harmony. As for shoes, the joys and sorrows are never too many. Although the stiletto heel has the advantage of slimming the figure making it sophisticated and harmonious, in a working context they are considered too much, really out of place. A good compromise is represented by a medium heel, about 7-8 cm, convenient and comfortable, able to not weigh down and overload the body after long and exhausting sales sessions. Completely banned wedges, ballerinas, sneakers and ankle boots: under an elegant suit it is better to prefer décolleté or Mary Jane with a comfortable heel. Moreover, although the heat can become a real enemy, sellers are advised to always wear closed shoes even when the temperatures become torrid, complete with particularly veiled nude or caramel colored socks. Finally, no to too flashy accessories: unless it is this particular sector, avoid oversized watches and rings, dangling earrings with chains and multicolor piercings,

Between cars and motorcycles: The outfit of an enterprising woman

In order to understand how important it may be to choose the right outfit for a specific sales sector, we decided to start from what, until some time ago, was considered an exclusive male job: the seller of cars and motorcycles. As in any type of work, professionalism and experience play a decisive role but, never as in recent times, the eye wants its part. If the representative of cars and motorcycles finds himself working in a dealership, the look becomes particularly rigorous: the pinstripe suit for men with a white shirt and black silk tie is perfect, but also a sheath dress with a matching jacket on the knee proves to be quite a choice winning. Miniskirts are absolutely banned: how embarrassing could it be to ride astride a vintage Honda or Harley Davidson and to watch with horror the sight of the skirt rising higher and higher, leaving more and more portions of leather uncovered? The same reasoning if we treat luxury cars: a dark suit with a simple and sophisticated allure is ideal, enlivened by some colored detail that can break the punished and severe outfit. After all, how seductive and intuitive can the seller who combines scarves, shoes and bags with the color of the car she is preparing to sell or present? Enlivened by some colored detail that can break the punished and severe outfit. After all, how seductive and intuitive can the saleswoman who combines scarves, shoes and bags with the color of the car she is preparing to sell or present? enlivened by some colored detail that can break the punished and severe outfit. After all, how seductive and intuitive can the saleswoman who combines scarves, shoes and bags with the color of the car she is preparing to sell or present?

Seller and representative of jewelry and precious stones: less is more

If we are lucky enough to work for one of the great international luxury brands or if we are in a jewelry with a rather elegant and pretentious tone, our work outfit must perform a dual function: on the one hand, in fact, it must immediately call attention the brand for which we lend our work and, on the other, to tell the customer something about us but without exaggerating too much, establishing a sort of loyalty aimed at a fruitful sale. If Audrey Hepburn wore the famous black Givenchy sheath dress and a triple round of white pearls in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, we can draw inspiration from such an iconic look and adapt it to our present work. Sheath dress and knee- length dresses, even in jersey and handmade, they are the basis from which to present yourself to a possible buyer of jewelry in the most appropriate way possible. A suit is also perfect, in black, blue, pearl gray or powder pink, both skirt and trousers, completed by a light shirt and pony, leather or patent leather décolleté, with a high heel yes but not stiletto, completely banned during the day. As for jewelry and accessories to wear, in a luxurious and naturally chic environment like a jewelry shop we certainly cannot cheat. To avoid bulky and showy hoop earrings and prefer, instead, bright pendants and small lobe earrings, perhaps finely decorated with precious stones. The hands of the seller, needless to say, must be absolutely perfect: who would ever buy a solitaire, a Trilogy ring,

Woody or spicy fragrances? Word to the seller

Although the field of perfumery and cosmetics appears, at least apparently, more informal or less uncompromising, this does not imply that its representatives and sellers are exempt from precise rules to follow. In fact, as millennials teach, even the most rigorous and formal look can be enriched by numerous style details that make it unforgettable. An attractive seller of perfumes or cosmetics can focus on a sporty, casual but never banal or uncared for outfit: perfect jeans , even vintage-inspired, romantic and precious blouses with ruffles and ruffles on the neckline, enriched by a blazer or a jacket with three-quarter sleeves that can leave the wrist uncovered, one of the key points in which to spray the perfume to savor all the intense fragrance, woody or spicy. In spring or summer, at fairs or open air stands, it would be preferable to adopt a fresher and lighter look, perfectly suited to the season, declined in trendy colors that recall the colors and shades of the type of make up that we want to offer to customers. Here no rules and space for imagination: linen and cotton dresses, sneakers, colorful ballerinas and wedges, scarves and accessories, even flashy, ideal for conveying the idea of a young and fashionable brand, in line with the trends dictated by market buyers.

Presenting and selling paintings: when clothing is glamorous

It would be really impossible to frame all the types of vendors in the world and equally difficult to code the specific clothing of each. We decided to close this roundup of saleswomen with the most noble one, the one whose outfit is rigorous and glamorous: the representative of paintings. Clothing cannot absolutely be left to chance: a sheath dress, a skirt up to the feetor an elegant palazzo pants in silk well describe the image of a glamorous and refined seller, lover of fashion and her work. If the type of environment allows, the outfits can be enlivened by precious and enveloping scarves to be draped around the body where the need arises. This, perhaps, is one of the few cases in which you can dare with shoes: décolleté, ankle strap and jewel sandals, in fact, do nothing but add a glamorous touch to a refined and essential outfit, as a perfect seller. Be careful not to overdo it: we must not lose sight of the real works of art, those to be sold.

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