Keeping safe in the sun this summer

It doesn’t matter if you are away in a hot Country on holiday or just relaxing in a beautiful area of England, the sun can cause serious damage.  Even sitting in the garden if you are fortunate enough to have one or rounds a friend/family member’s house could do it.  Sat out sipping pimms in the garden listening to your favourite tunes, chatting away with your nearest and dearest about who the best conveyancing solicitors London have like Sam Conveyancing or who looks like there going to win Wimbledon it’s easy to forget all this time the sun sending its rays onto you.

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There are several easy ways to prevent any harmful sun rays getting to your sensitive eyes or fragile skin.  To protect your eyes, you can wear a good quality pair of sunglasses, preferably the wrap around style that will stop any chance of the harmful bright rays getting through.  NEVER look directly at the sun, even if you are wearing protective glasses, the strong glare can harm your vision or even cause blindness!

Cover yourself generously, before you go out, in a high factor sun cream and reapply it every couple of hours. Make sure you ALWAYS wear a hat, preferably with a wide brim and a neck protector flap at the back and keep a thin layer of clothes on over your swimsuit.  If you can find a natural shady spot to sit then do so, if not use a sun parasol or tent to protect you from the direct heat and brightness of the sun.

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Apart from wearing protection on the outside of our bodies, think about your insides as well!  Drinking plenty of water or any fluids is essential and eating healthy snacks like fruit will stop you dehydrating.  At the end of the day use a good quality after sun or skin moisturiser to stop your skin becoming overly dry and wrinkly.  Of course, we also need to think about when we are at our workplaces and in our homes, the harmful U.V. rays from the sun can penetrate through glass and cause damage to us even there!  We can all take precautions to prevent this type of problem by fitting special blinds or shutters onto our windows.

ALWAYS take precautions when out and about in the hot sunny weather and even if it’s cloudy, don’t be deceived, the Sun’s harmful rays can still cause major damage to any of us.  PROTECTION is better than cure and none of us EVER wants to find out we have skin Cancer, lose our eyesight, have skin that’s badly burnt or goes very dry and wrinkly from exposure to the sun. KEEP SAFE, follow the advice from the experts!

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