Innovative and profitable business ideas

In the world of entrepreneurship, you are always trying to innovate, and surprise. One of the most current topics of conversation is ‘profitable innovative ideas’, but what are they really? In this article, we will explain what they consist of and we will give you 10 examples in which you can be inspired to find success.

Innovative business ideas are those that stand out for their originality and distinction. Some of the products and services that are born from these companies make life a little more fun, without neglecting meeting needs or facilitating our day-to-day.

Its singularities go beyond the basic idea, some products need so much technology that they seem to be taken from a science fiction movie, while others fulfill functions so simple and brilliant that they awaken a: why didn’t I think of it?

Examples of innovative and profitable business ideas

Tech Academy for Women

Education will always be necessary, which is why it is essential to think about how to reinvent a sector that evolves very little by little. Since the pandemic, the digitization of classrooms has accelerated and society has become accustomed to learning with just a computer.

AllWomen joined digital technology education long before COVID-19 made an appearance and, in addition, wanted to create an exclusive space for women. why? Because the technological field has always been a thing for men, until now, of course. This academy wants to promote the training of women and balance the figures of the sector.

Online Doctors

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many sectors and services to rapidly digitize in order to continue accessing them. Among others, the health sector has taken advantage of this “rush” to join the wave of digitization and thus continue to function in times of crisis.

At Top Doctors, they offer on their website a long list of specialists who offer online medical care to facilitate communication with their patients. For example telematic psychological sessions, second opinions on medical results, assessment of analytics…

This system reduces waiting lists, streamlines procedures, and saves costs.

Rental Of Machinery Between Companies

The collaborative economy is encompassing everything and it is doing well, because if someone does not use something, why not lend it? That’s what Equipment Share thought, a platform that puts interested companies in contact. On the one hand, there are those that have machinery and tools, but use them a few times a year. And, on the other hand, there are those who do not want to invest in a machine that they will only use for a couple of days and, therefore, choose to rent. Everybody wins.

The Equipment Share platform is responsible for certifying that the machinery that is rented is in good condition, ready to produce, and they are also responsible for managing shipments.

Custom Avatars

In this case, we leave the earthly world to travel to the cyber world and look at what Linking Realities does in its first project: Union Avatars. In it, they intend to bring virtual reality closer to users by offering avatars to collect all the identities that can be shown in the metaverse that is to come.

And not only the typical physical appearance such as hair color but also details of facial expression or exactly reproducing the user’s style of dress.

Take Advantage Before Throwing

One of the biggest problems of today’s society is the large amount of food that is produced to supply the demand and that ends up being discarded due to expiration or deterioration. This directly affects the environmental crisis in which we find ourselves today. Fortunately, someone has already thought about how to stop this to help reverse global warming.

The goal of Too Good To Go is to reduce food waste. Through its mobile application, businesses publish their daily food surpluses -in good condition- and put them together in a surprise pack. The person who is interested in it, only has to go to the store, restaurants or cafeterias, pay a reduced price and enjoy the reduced food. Another win-win on the list, plus a third win if we add the social benefit.

Biodegradable Packaging

Innovations in the ecological sector are vital to be able to stop the consumption that harms the world in which we live so much. With the increasingly globalized environmental awareness, it is time to provide ecological solutions to everyday situations.

And that is what the company Monosol has done, which has developed a biodegradable wrapper that disintegrates when it comes into contact with water. The applications are endless: from personal hygiene products such as shampoos to fast food wrappers.

Digitization Of Agriculture

Innovation reaches all fields (we have not been able to avoid the wink) and the agricultural sector was not going to be less. BrioAgro Technologies is a device created for farmers to control their farm. This collects all the sensitive information and sends it to the cloud so that the owner can see it in real-time through their mobile or tablet.

Digital Advice

Can you imagine being able to make legal inquiries, and answer questions about the management of your business, or other issues related to the business sector from the comfort of your sofa? Who says sofa, says office, or place of teleworking? The point is that thanks to companies like Tu Asesoria en la Nube, it is possible.

The best thing about this system is that the exchange of documentation is completely online through its website. If there is something a little more complex, the phone is also an option. And if it is necessary to send documents to the Treasury or to any public body, they have a courier company so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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