10 Tips For The “Black Friday”

10 useful tips to survive and find the desired items on Black Friday that is cataloged as the day of shopping by the amount of special offers for the holiday season …

1) Search the information in advance. Most stores publish their sales on their web pages from the week before the ‘Black Friday’. It is recommended that you make a study of which store will offer the best price for the item you want.

2) If you are going to buy in several branches, such as the mall and outlets, prepare the route that you will manage from store to store so as not to waste time, that day is one of the busiest of the year on the roads near the shops and there will be traffic.

3) Wear comfortable clothes and shoes if you go shopping that day, you will walk a lot and make long lines. In addition parking could be almost impossible to get and sometimes you have to park the car several blocks away from commercial establishments.

Black Friday

4) Be careful, stores will be full of people and many compete for electronic items or popular toys. In fact, cases have been reported in which people die or are victims of violence because of the desire to get the best offer or that special item.

5) If you are going to use one or more discount coupons you should have them ready in advance, look for local newspapers that week and also on the websites of your favorite stores.

6) Separate a budget so that you do not spend more than you want. Remember that many stores offer sales and special last minute discounts and the temptations are great. Measure your budget and spend what you can, without having to worry later.

7) In department stores like Best Buy, Walmart and Target promote the items several days before or the day before the sale depending on the store. Take a tour of your favorite store and locate the desired items so you do not have to walk a lot looking for them that early morning, remember that dozens of people will be in the same plan and it is difficult to move if you do not know where the items that interest you are.

Black Friday

8) Some stores will have products on offer that you can get during the weekend, do not rush to go buy everything in a single day since many of the stores continue their special sales for several days after black Friday, so if not it’s something that is going to end there is no reason to get up so early.

9) Check what items will be on sale before 7 am and if you are interested, get up early. Many stores open their doors at midnight on Thursday. Some even offer coffee or hot chocolate to consumers.

10) The most important thing is to be informed about where the best offers for the desired items will be and to know what time it is convenient to arrive.

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