Best electric massagers for cervical

Our editorial team has selected the best massage therapists in the market for cervical massage attachment, heating works, handling. Read the review to find out our views on features, pricing and offers the best massage for neck on the market.

HoMedics NMS-250

HoMedics NMS-250 priced at 29 dollar reasonably well performs its function to relieve pain and tension in the neck and cervical areas.

Two programs can be selected, the one with the massage and the massage combined with heat to make it even more relaxing and soothing treatment.

The fabric is removable and washable and the two comfortable handles increase or decrease the intensity of the massage depending on how much you pull.

The masseur is on AC power and not battery, an important factor in ensuring a reliable performance of rotating spheres. The only flaw of this product is that it is not as quiet as others, but other than that performs its function flawlessly.

Electric massagers
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Homedics NMSQ-215A

Homedics NMSQ-215A at a price of 29 dollar is equipped with a double speeds to choose from, has the opportunity to combine the massage also the heat function to make it even more relaxing treatment.

The comfortable handles located at the end of the massage therapist determine, pulling and releasing them, the intensity of the massage to suit your preference.

It can work both in electricity power or batteries, the first solution is preferable to ensure a certain vigor of massage that otherwise could diminish with the gradual depletion of batteries, thus losing its main function.

In our opinion the massager is placed in mid-range between the products of this category, very simple to use, does its job of relieving muscle pain of the neck and cervical areas.


Tera Massager Electric at a price of 28 dollar is handy, light.

It can be used in many parts of the body as well as on the neck and shoulders, given its small size and extreme ease of use. In addition to relieving pain and muscle tension, it acts as accelerate the burning of fat and promote blood circulation.

The massager has two heads practices for two different applications, unlike other products in this category is not intended to match the warmth to the massage, but in our opinion the product does its job satisfactorily to alleviate pain and release muscle tension.

And ‘therefore particularly suitable for all those who after a busy work day feel the need to download the accumulated stress and relax completely.

Best massage for neck for value for money

500Cosmetics U-neck for the price of 59 dollar is a small marvel of technology, the product consists of a massage therapist by the neck with a small LCD screen and a remote control.

Entered the massager in its place you can choose between two heat intensity, high and low, six different programs of electro stimulation and six different vibratory massage programs.

Especially suited for inflammatory conditions of the neck, cervical and shoulders, the masseur relieves pain and muscle tension, but also stimulates blood circulation, also thanks to its ergonomic design can fit any neck size and makes it useful for everyone.

The process on which it is based U-neck is the release, through massage of the affected and painful area, endorphins that act as a natural painkiller. The product in our opinion is certainly useful, convenient and most importantly can relieve muscle contraction and inflammation of the neck and neck.

And ‘durable, compact, light enough to not even feel the weight when used, it is battery operated and daily use or almost made of it involves the effective and verifiable benefits.

Best masseurs cervical Professional seeds

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Medisana Nm860

Medisana Nm860 priced at 76 dollar is a shiatsu massage for the shoulders and neck with 4 powerful rotating spheres.

Its current supply is suitable to ensure power necessary for a treatment that would otherwise lose its effectiveness.

Inside the ball is a thermal massage function that can be operated manually to make even more relaxing massage combined heat.

Even the intensity of the massage can be adjusted manually in a very simple and intuitive, as well as the rotation of the heads 4 which have two speeds. Medisana can also be used to massage other parts of the body such as the shoulders, legs, stomach or back.

The product is particularly suitable, in our opinion, for those who suffer from neck and shoulder muscle tension and inflammation of the neck, it does not naturally replaces a physical therapist, but definitely Medisana Nm860 greatly relieves pain and tension, relaxing and stretching the part massaged.

The only flaw to not to use it lying down, for correct use in fact the exact location is to be seated, but rewarded by the extreme quietness of the product, a factor not unimportant on its location so close to the head and ears.

Memorystar Mg500

Memorystar Mg500 priced at 88 dollar is equipped with 4 rotary heads, massaging in both directions.

And ‘possible or not to activate the heat function to match the massage also a pleasant feeling of relaxation given precisely by the heat.

The product is especially suitable for relaxation and muscle relaxation, thanks to the rotating spheres that simulate a massage and shiatsu massage acupressure.

The intensity of the massage is given by the traction of the belts which is fitted to the massager and that can be adjusted depending on the own pleasure. Mg500 is powered by electric current, but very useful is also the car adapter included which makes it possible to use the massager also while driving.

In our opinion a product that mimics the movement of a massage could not do any better, and more, in every way it displays its German robustness.

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