The best beauty routine for irresistible and kissable lips

Your crush invited you out and you only think about wearing spectacular lips, after all your plan is for the date to end in an unforgettable kissing session. For that you should try to load chewing gum or mint tablets, especially since the date gets hot after dinner, you know, they hold hands “unintentionally”, they take intense looks, they approach slowly and covertly …

The other thing is to make sure you have beautiful lips and without thousands of little skins, believe us, there is no better feeling than kissing someone with soft lips. It is not just about applying lipstick and now, you must follow a sacred ritual that will make you feel beautiful and you will make your boy only think about eating you with kisses.

1. Quick and easy exfoliation

If you want to look perfect, your beauty routine must begin with the exfoliation yes or yes. We know that the morning ritual seems tedious because all you want is to sleep five more minutes, but the good news is that there are lip balms that at the same time hydrate and exfoliate, saving you time.

The lips need to be cuddled as if any other part of the body and products such as scrubs will prevent the annoying skin from drying out, splitting and coming out.

2. Perfect edges with concealer

If your Cupid’s bow has one piquito higher than another or if the shape is not defined and has uneven edges, you are not the only one and it has a solution!

Take a concealer that is closest to your skin tone (note, it may be a little lighter but not darker). Then match the edges to look like sketched by the most skilled painter, and voila.

3. Base on the lips? Yes!

What do you mean; the foundation is also applied to the lips? You are right! It looks like a super simple tip, but it will make a big difference when it comes to putting on lipstick since it will make the area white and it will be a clean canvas to have fun with your makeup.

Thanks to this, you will have the opportunity to subtly modify the shape and the colors of your lipstick will stand out more.

4. Do you prefer a lot or a little volume?

Cosmetic surgery to modify the appearance of our face? Nothing of that! Better use a lip liner that you will use so that your crush cannot erase the mark of your kisses.

The secret to thicker lips is to outline slightly on the outside of your natural edge, and if you want them to look thinner, do it on the inside and be careful not to overdo it. In addition to changing the silhouette, this will make your lipstick stay in place and not come.

5. Fill but don’t abuse!

If you are one of those who believes that the more layers of lipstick you put on the longer the color will last, stop! This will only make your lips look lumpy; the tincture smears, and even stain your teeth. No one likes this to happen, especially if you want to be invited on a second date.

In this case less is more, and it is best to put one or a maximum of two light but well distributed layers

6. If your compact powder broke, don’t throw it away!

You probably have a translucent powder in your makeup drawer that broke, but it hurts to throw it away. Well, you can give it a second life and use it to lengthen the duration of your blush so that it lasts for that desired session of apapachos.

Put a piece of paper on your lips and, without pressing too hard, apply a little translucent powder or, in case you don’t have, eye shadow or blush the color of your lipstick. It will also give you a nice matte effect!

7. Exfoliate, moisturize and sleep has been said!

You have come home, your date was perfect, your boy invited you out again, your lips were the center of attention! It’s time for you to remove your makeup either with micellar water or purified water and soap. Then exfoliate them again to get rid of any residue, and humidify them so they don’t get mistreated.

For this it is not necessary to prepare masks with strange ingredients, just apply scrubs and let it do its thing, without complicating things! You will notice your lips softer, more resplendent and smooth thanks to its formula enriched with vitamin E, natural oils, aloe vera and rose hip. Your lips deserve a spa day!

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