Purple eyeshadow: all the tricks to use it at its best

When it comes to eye makeup, there are no limits to experimenting with different textures, colors, and effects with intelligence. But how should we deal with cosmetics like purple eyeshadow?

Purple is a strong color that suits everyone and does not go unnoticed both in make-up and in the outfit. It is perfect in the colder seasons but does not renounce to make its entrance in the warmer evenings.

However, it is not an easy color to manage. How to wear purple mascara and How to combine make-up with purple clothes taught us how much the whimsy of the nuance needs rules.

Purple eyeshadowPurple eyeshadow

Make-up addicts who dream of enriching makeup with touches of purple should know the true nature of color and learn how to match it best.

This color is perfect for emerald or hazel green eyes with green highlights because purple and green are opposite in the color spectrum.

Makeup lovers who don’t boast green eyes can still use purple, but combine it with more muted colors like soft pink for brown eyes or pastel blue for blue eyes.

Match the purple eyeshadow …

Flawless eye make-up is rarely achieved with purple eyeshadow alone in its brightest shade. How to manage to match it?

Tone on tone – It is possible to play with the various shades of purple, perhaps opting for a mauve near the base of the eye and lilac on the mobile eyelid.

Different Effects – Purple eyeshadow can be used in combination with colors with lighter tones such as pink, blue and green.

Shades – Dark purple can be blended with nude shades such as sand, butter or taupe.

And the lipstick?

The choice of lipstick is fundamental when you choose to make eye make-up with more or less bright purple tones.

It is important to draw attention to the look by choosing lipsticks in cold shades. Such as fuchsia, plum, or pink for a lip make-up in the mood with the eyes, lipsticks with red shades to be on the safe side. Or darker lipsticks to give a gothic touch to the make-up.

Allergy factorPurple eyeshadow

Unfortunately, the love for purple eyeshadow has to deal with the possibility of developing allergic reactions mainly related to the components used to obtain the purple pigment.

You can avoid the components used for purple, eggplant, lilac, and burgundy colors by using mineral or organic products.

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