Low cost full color makeup: This is what Primark brings us!

What better way than to welcome the summer with a burst of color. The proposal comes from the hand of Primark with Tropics, their collection of makeup more exotic and powerful to date with their motto “more is more.”

Matte lips, cane shades and bright cheeks, thinking about renewing the summer bag?

Primark Color MakeupBlusher and solar powder in the same compact, the perfect mix to achieve a touch of sun and cheeks. Price 3.00 dollars.

Primark Color Makeup

Nor is there an individual rouge in pink tones and sun powders with golden sparkles, both with a very luminous finish. Price 3.50 dollars and 4.00 dollars (respectively).

Primark Color MakeupFor lips and cheeks we have this cool stick, which mixes a part of rouge or lipstick and another part of bronzer, the luminous and glow finish. Price 3.00 dollars.

Primark Color MakeupTo achieve a very festive look we found this kit for eyes containing a pigment, glitter and fixing liquid. Price 3.00 dollars.

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Primark Color MakeupAs we have already said, the lips are very matt, so they could not miss liquid lipsticks with a matte finish along with the profiler, which in this case has a double tip to have two tones in one. Kit price 3.50 dollars.

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Primark Color MakeupHere we find one of the coolest products in this collection, these four matte lipsticks that come both in the same kit, specifically in four very original shades, orange-tile, fuchsia, lilac and purple. Price 10.00 dollars.

Primark Color MakeupWe also find a duo of labials consisting on the one hand the lipstick itself is the product that provides color and on the other hand the product that will provide the final finish, we are what is a top coat, in this case will provide a shine between pearl-metallic. Price 3.00 dollars.

Primark Color MakeupOne of the coolest products in this collection is this palette of shadows that has nine very original shades and with which you can achieve very cool and interesting looks, from baby blue, through orange, gold or green pool without missing an intense black for the most powerful smoked. Price 6.00 dollars.

Primark Color MakeupWe also find very practical and cool accessories such as these tweezers with different tip types, those with a normal tip and those with an extra fine tip for the most rebellious hairs. Price 1.50 dollars.

Primark Color MakeupThe eyelash curler, an essential accessory for any look that wants to be open. This one has a beautiful iridescent design and its price is 2.00 dollars.

Primark Color MakeupAnd who can live without a mirror in the toiletry bag? This compact is ideal for any retouching because it has two mirrors of different magnification. Price 1.50 dollars.

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