I present my toiletry bag this summer

Although recently I talked about some essential in the vanity case this summer ,today I want to show what is really in mine : practical products that save me time, effective to protect from the sun and passing help me cope with high temperatures. Of course, there are some gems that cannot help but to recommend…

For skin care

  • Hydra SOS Recharge Madara: This has been a recent discovery that is delighting me by its lightness and its ability to regenerate skin … ideal for use both day and night and very sensitive skin like mine.
  • Oil Eucerin Control: It is a protective created for those who suffer from glare, so it is light and not noticeable at all. I recommend you to try because it is the best I’ve tasted.

toiletry bag
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For the body

  • Elancyl firming cream: I like products with multiple benefits like this, because apart from moisturizing helps me tighten skin (but of course, miracles does not). Its aroma is soft and well absorbed.
  • Solar’Wet Protector SPF30 Dry or ‘Biotherm: is one of the solar body has surprised me because he has everything to be perfect: it is very light, protects very well and leaves skin with a subtle iridescent finish that I love.

For the hair

  • Matrix Biolage shampoo FullDensity: By brand this range helps thicken the hair, so I have it in ‘trial period’ to see if it meets. At the moment I can say that adds volume, so if you have fine hair can be a good choice.
  • Creme Nutritive Kérastase magistrale: This is a balm for very dry hair, so I’m used to prevent dry ends. It is not as dense as the mask and leave the hair very shiny.


  • Powder ‘Bronzing & Blush’ Clarins: I really like because it combines matte and iridescent shades, so we can use depending on the type of look you want. Its aroma is delicious and unbeatable durability.
  • Lola duo Blush Make Up: This is a dark coral tone that combines two finishes, absolutely beautiful and flattering. It happened to me have made the picture with open powder compact, but you can look for the ‘Jóia’ collection to which it belongs (and which has no waste).
  • Waterproof Sport of Eyeko mask: A mask waterproof because it raises a little pesañas and leaves them with a very natural effect, which is what I like in summer.Besides its format it is quite comfortable to carry in your vanity case.
  • Grandiose Liner Lancome: Its surprising applicator has been a surprise for me because I am finding it extremely comfortable. Besides its matt finish is long lasting.
  • Precisely My Benefit Brow Pencil: Another great discovery is an eyebrow pencil with a fine point that makes it much easier to be precise in the application. The finish is very natural and also has very good length.
  • Genuine Illuminator Estee Lauder Glow: It belongs to the Genuine Glow collection, inspired by the sweeping trend in Korea and I personally love it. Its format cushion is very practical, but soon I’ll tell you more about it in a review.

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In summer I like to abuse the colors on your nails, but this year I’m not vary much: that I’m more used are shades ‘Rose des Nymphes’ of Lancôme, coral-pink lovely and the ‘Berrylicious’ of Lola Make Up , a versatile cherry combining with absolutely everything.

A fragrance

The fragrance that accompanies me on vacation this summer called ‘Clean Cool Cotton’, a wonder that as its name suggests smells clean, like freshly laundered sheets with a citrus point, which I love. It is unisex, so if you do not have much space in your toiletry bag also can use your guy (although probably to acquire possession of it).

Have you tried any of these products? What else calls you attention?

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