How to buy beauty products?

In what items you should invest more and what is not worth spending much. A guide to know what things to invest and what you can save when you look radiant.

Sometimes looking at your own bag of cosmetics or bathroom shelf or closet where you keep your cosmetics. Cases, boxes, creams, lipstick and almost equal brightness, slightly used products closed forever and that most frightens price tags which together lead to the conclusion that it was better to have taken a trip to spend so much money for nothing. It happens that get close to those shown in beauty of large stores sales with a complete line of items not sure whether you will use.

Image Source: Google Image
Image Source: Google Image

Skin Save on…

  • Cleansing: Just look for a formula with pH 5, no oil to remove makeup well and does not irritate.
  • Scrubs: There are very good and affordable on the market. Besides applied and removed immediately, so not worth spending a lot on them.
  • Eye Makeup Remover. This is the area of the softer side chooses an extra soft formula for a consumer brand
  • Tonic: From the running water until the water rose valid, the food stores cost very little.

Spend on… 

  • Eye contour cream: It is easily absorbed because the skin in this area is very thin. Opt for one that contains natural ingredients is the best but it costs.
  • Moisturizing cream or moisturizing: This is “the cream” that you use every day to protect your skin from the environment and avoid the appearance of fine lines. Have on hand the best you can buy.
  • Serum: As this product is made ​​from powerful antioxidants designed to combat wrinkles and rejuvenate, spend confidently for good results.

Makeup Save on… 

  • Lip Gloss: Their virtues are inversely proportional to its price.
  • Nail: What matters is the color, so you need not spend much because the arrangement is renewed at least once a week.
  • Eyeliner: Use the one with the brush that best suits your eyes and paint your way there are many economic.
  • Shadow: As trends change every season, not worth stripping spent at a charisma. There are many good cheap.
  • Mascara: This is perhaps the flagship product in terms of its low price and quality.

Spend on… 

  • Base: The most advanced and most expensive formulas give a very natural look.
  • Correction: You have to be very subtle because it will touch the areas around the eyes, so one quality measure yourself.
  • Lipstick if you usually use the same colors always buys one expensive for its texture and durability.
  • Powder: last so that you can buy some expensive. Generally, the texture and durability of costly is better.

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