Hair wax: 5 things to know absolutely!

From application to when to use hair wax: here’s everything you need to know about this styling product!

Often, wax is associated with men’s hair: yet, it is a styling product widely used in the fashion world on female hair to create natural and crazy looks at the same time. It is excellent for giving life to bright, practical, and trendy hairstyles; before applying it, however, you need to know certain things! Here’s everything you need to know about hair wax …

Is hair wax bad for you? 5 things to know!

1.Type of hair

First of all, the question is often asked if this type of product is suitable for all hair. The answer is yes, hair wax can be used on all hair, from the most resistant to the finest hair. Indeed, precisely for the finest ones, it is recommended to avoid electric hair.

2.How to apply it

Wax is a very special product, because if applied the wrong way it would risk ruining the look. It must be worked and heated with your hands before you can proceed with the application, so we try to soften the wax before passing it on the hair. To avoid sticky hair and a too fake effect, we try to apply the product in a delicate way with the help of the middle, index, and thumb.

3. When to apply it

The wax can give life to practical and everyday looks, alternatively, it is excellent for achieving the wet effect, a very fashionable hairstyle, and perfect even when it rains. Remember to apply the styling product only after getting dressed, never before! Otherwise, we risk dirtying the clothes chosen for the outfit or ruining the styling.

4.Hair must be damp or dry

In order to apply the wax, hair must be damp or dry, so never wet. Furthermore, it must be applied only on the lengths and must never touch the scalp.

5. It hurts if …

The wax residues must be absolutely removed, otherwise, they could cause consequences. If the wax builds up it can cause irritation, itching, increased dandruff, and dry scalp.

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