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With the arrival of good weather, we need products that take maximum care of our skin and protect it from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, which can cause burns and accelerate the aging process of the skin. So that our skin takes only the best of the sun and we shine an enviable tan, Dior Bronze reinvents its sun protection products and aftersun.

Products that are much more than simple solar care. They take maximum care of the skin with ultra-fresh and ultra-light formulas, achieving effective sun protection and a tan with a precious and lasting natural effect.

Dior Bronze Sunscreen and Tanning For Veran Or

Dior Bronze

Hâle Sublime SPF30 protective mist and new protective Hâle Sublime mist SPF15

The protective milk in hale Hâle Sublime SPF30 and the new protective oil in haze Hâle Sublime SPF15, intensely protect the skin at the same time that they embellish it, achieving a satin tan. In addition, the new vaporizers allow a very simple 360º application, so that we can easily cover any area of the body, thus offering a 100% complete and homogeneous protection. A true experience for the senses.

The products combine broad spectrum filters against UVA and anti UVB, as well as antioxidant. Both mists help to preserve the aging skin and protect it from free radicals. They are resistant to water, which is a great point in favor to be able to bathe on the beach and in the pool with the skin protected.

The new Dior Bronze mists have an ultra fresh and sensory texture, without the slightest greasy effect. The light and fluid texture of the milk in mist, wraps the skin in a super light protective veil, which provides a great sensation of freshness and a silky finish.

In the long term, the tanning protective effect of the Tan Beautifier Complex guarantees a sublime tan, which increases in intensity every day, with a super natural appearance.

Baume De Monoi Ultra Frais

Dior Bronze

Dior Bronze also presents the new Baume aftersun by Monoi Ultra Frais, which calms the sensation of excess heat and moisturizes the skin; In addition, it prolongs the intensity of tanning up to one month after sun exposure.

Its texture is ultralight, refreshes and hydrates the skin in depth, compensating for dryness due to sun exposure. The skin is hydrated and flexible. The formula with extracts of monoi wraps the skin in a delicate perfume of Polynesian flowers, with a heady and sunny aroma.

The aftersun is enriched with a tanning extension complex, which is a great advantage.

The most golden and radiant tan this summer by Dior Bronze!

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