Black hair dye: timeless elegance

When you think of black hair dry, it is undeniable that raven hair always has a certain charm. Those with black hair look elegant and feminine at the same time, catching the eye. Anyone can show off some beautiful black hair, and especially blondes often want to radically change and switch to this coloring. However, there are a few things to do if you decide to dye your hair black. Read our article to find out more!

Black hair never goes out of fashion and for this reason, it is always in demand, adapting to every season and also to every type of complexion. In fact, although some argue that black hair looks best on people with darker complexions, from amber to olive, even those with fair skin can choose a cut with black hair. The important thing is to be sure of your choice because once your hair is dyed black, you will need to take great care of it to always have shiny hair.

Black hair: who is it good for?

It goes without saying that those with a dark complexion are more likely to be able to wear black hair better. In fact, the face will stand out clearly, and also the eyes and the complexion will be highlighted; therefore black hair usually gives a lot to those with a dark complexion. In addition, if you have brown or dark brown hair, you can dye your hair at home, using for example the permanent color Palette Classic, Black, to obtain shiny black hair with intense color.

If it’s not your first time dyeing your hair black and you already know what to expect, try the new Intense Black Palette Oleo Intense, which will guarantee you a longer duration of the color and will cover gray hair in a professional way.

Although brown hair is ideal for dyeing hair black, blondes can also adopt a look with black hair. However, you will have to pay more attention and it would be better to go to a hairdresser, at least for the first time. In general, the effect of black hair on light complexions will look elegant and also goes well with some highlights of dark colors, such as purple. If you dye black hair that is originally much lighter, you can also consider darkening your eyebrows.

We must not forget that black hair needs a lot of care and especially on light, blond, or light brown hair, it is important to cover the regrowth because it will obviously be very showy. You can therefore go to the hairdresser or use Black Growth Retouch for fast results.

Finally, when choosing the hair color it is good to also consider the person’s face type: generally, black hair tends to highlight the features and therefore is better suited to a regular face cut.

Tips for those who want to dye their hair black

Are you determined to change your look and dye your hair black? Here are some tips to keep in mind for black hair.

First tip: the beauty of having black hair lies in its shine. To ensure this is achieved, you should use a color treatment with nourishing ingredients at the time of the first tint. For example, macadamia oil gives an intense shine to black hair.

Second tip: if you have bleached hair, you need to be especially careful when dyeing it. In fact, there could be unexpected effects on the development of color, as the structure of the hair is modified by the bleaching. It is therefore advisable to go to the hairdresser for the first color, while later you can continue to dye your hair black even at home.

Third tip: even those with white hair may decide to color their hair black. Go for an intense black, bearing in mind that it will not remain so for long and therefore, to have well-groomed hair, you will have to repeat the dye frequently. How quickly your hair bleaches will depend on the specific properties of your hair.

Fourth tip: if you dye your hair at home, apply a rich cream to your forehead, temples, and ears to avoid dark spots on the skin caused by the dye.

Fifth tip: in case of long hair, it is preferable to apply an intensive treatment the day before dyeing the hair. This will make the cuticles smooth and the color will be distributed evenly throughout the hair. As usual, you need to take extra care of long hair.

Black hair dye

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