Apart from pushing them into a bra every day, how much do you really take care of your breasts? Breasts are one of our finest assets as females. They help us to feel attractive, form an important part of a sexual relationship, feed our babies and in many ways, define a great deal about who we are. Without some self-care though, they can cause us problems. Here are some ways to ensure your sending some love to your breasts:

  1. Moisturize

The area of skin on your chest is some of the body’s most sensitive and it’s also quite thin. The best thing to use is a thick lotion with ingredients that bind water to the skin. A cocoa butter is ideal for this. When out in the sun, don’t forget that sunscreen is important in this area too. It’s not just about the protection from skin cancer but sun damage also causes the elastin and collagen in your breasts to breakdown, causing sagginess.

  1. Correct Support

Gravity is the enemy of our breasts. Connected to the chest wall with ligaments, if these ligaments are not correctly supported, they can overstretch resulting in sagging. The bigger your boobs, the more important this is as excessive movement and bouncing will also cause overstretching. Posture plays an important role in how good you look too so make sure you’re standing up straight as this will elevate your breasts and make them look better. Every woman needs a selection of good bras which shape and support, keep the breasts held up against the chest wall and have well-positioned cups. For a super supportive full cup bra, take a look at the WHITE PRIMA DONNA DEAUVILLE BRA at www.orchidlingerie.co.uk

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  1. Weight

We all know that maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial for a host of reasons but it’s good for your boobs too. Exercise is great and while it won’t do anything to make them bigger or prevent existing sagging, it will help them to keep their shape. Having toned pectoral muscles in the upper chest makes breasts look fuller and better. Push-ups and chest presses are perfect for toning your upper body. Wearing a proper bra designed for exercise will ensure you’re getting the support you need.

Avoid yo-yo dieting if you can as your breasts will undoubtedly suffer. Gaining weight quickly forces the breasts to enlarge which stretches the skin. Losing weight quickly then results in overstretched skin that won’t miraculously pop back into shape. Breasts are left looking saggy.

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  1. Avoid Soreness

We all experience tenderness at different times and supplements can help alleviate this, including Vitamin B6 and evening primrose oil. Keeping an eye on your intake of salt, alcohol and caffeine is also beneficial, especially limiting alcohol intake as this could decrease your risk of breast cancer. Alcohol increases hormone levels which can cause a slight increase in the risk from such a cancer.

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