Sneakers for children: Few favorite models for mothers and children

The sneakers are the perfect footwear to accompany children during their growth. At school, at the park, but also on ‘elegant’ occasions. Here are some tips on which kids’ sneakers to buy online …

Comfortable, practical for going to school and to the park and, sometimes, a good solution also for birthdays, communions, weddings or other special occasions. Let’s talk about sneakers for children. From the big brands of children’s clothing to the most famous sports companies, when it comes to sneakers for children, you are really spoiled for choice. Here are some suggestions on which sneakers to choose for your children.

Dotty Fish Babyhood Shoes

The Dotty Fish shoes are sports shoes, designed in England, characterized by non-slip suede soles. They are recommended for walking the child especially indoors, on hard floors. The peculiarity of Dotty shoes lies in their flexibility which allows even the youngest to move in total freedom.

PROS: The shoes are nice and quality, also recommended for the nest. Children wear them willingly and look comfortable. Excellent invoice

CONS: In some cases they have faded.

Nike Pico unisex first steps sneakers

If you are looking for a comfortable model for the first steps but also in line with the latest trends, Nike offers the unisex Pico 4 TDV model. A first steps sneaker with Velcro closure, white or colored and with Nike whisker in different shades.

PROS: Excellent value for money, easy to pull off. These are shoes suitable for first steps because they offer stable and secure support. They are easily cleaned.

CONS:  The shoe fits smaller than usual, care must be taken in choosing the number.

White Adidas with stretch

The classic white Stan Smith Adidas with double stretch and green details, comfortable, perfect also for going to school. It is a unisex model, practical to slip on, characterized by a flat sole. Also suitable for those with a high instep.

PROS: The unmistakable style is linked to comfort and excellent workmanship.

CONS:  They wear slightly wide, they are about 4 millimeters longer than the usual children’s sneakers.

White and green Stan Smith with laces

Another classic by Adidas, in a ‘mini’ version for boys and girls. It is a sturdy model, durable, easy to clean, always in fashion, at any age.

PROS:  Fit well, perfect workmanship. In some cases delivered even in advance

CONS:  slightly hard on the ankle.

Adidas Superstar unisex

The Adidas Superstar is another unmistakable Adidas model, also made for children. Original design, smooth leather upper combined with a sturdy preformed rubber sole. The three stripes and heel reinforcement, enriched by a metallic finish for a further touch of style.

PROS:  Well padded, comfortable sneakers, ideal for every day.

CONS: For an Amazon customer, the tab crumbled after a week

Puma Cabana Racer with stretch

If you are looking for a durable shoe of excellent quality, but also at a good price, Puma offers its Cabana Racer SL V as a child and a child. A model with a thick sole, double stretch, available in many different colors.

PROS: Comfortable and flexible sneakers, very light once worn

CONS: From the photo the white parts seem in canvas, instead they are in leather

Vans, child unisex sneakers

For older children, who already have a keen eye for current trends, a good solution can be the unisex Vans sneakers. A light canvas shoe, with a white sole and laces. A very fashionable basic model among the very young.

PROS:  Comfortable, simple and beautiful sneakers. The size is right

CONS: At first they remain a little stiff and narrow on the instep.

High sneakers for girls

For girls, high sneakers are also very nice, those that reach the ankle and that look great under a dress or a skirt. They are safer than the normal sneakers, a little charming and often embellished with rhinestones, embroidery and fashionable designs.

Geox Junior Ciak B, high sneakers

This is the case, for example, of the Geox Junior Ciak B as a child. A jeans model with light points, leather toe and white sole, available in three colors and that will fascinate even the most fanatical girls.

PROS: Sneakers made very well and of excellent quality

CONS: There are no negative reviews on the product

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