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The subject of today is the selection of clothes made for babies. Babies’ rags are cute, be it boys or girls. Every time I go out and step in front of some store that sells babies clothes, it’s impossible not to look at the showcase, each cute and stylish clothes! And those little mannequins dresses, all cute … The thing that catches my eye is the colors and details specially designed to make them look clean.

In the selection of clothes made, in order to be more organized, I found it better to divide between girls ‘and boys’ clothes to make it easier and not confusing for the mothers of princes and princesses.

I tried to take a little bit of everything that a baby will possibly use, as you have already read in this post: Baby socks, then, you know that basically Body, Bib and Jumpsuits are joker pieces in the baby’s wardrobe, they are always good coming.

Shall we check these clothes? Let’s start with the girls and then the boys, okay?

Baby Clothes

Look how beautiful this rosette gardener set and body long sleeve, I fell in love! If I have a girl, I will always walk in these clothes, very cute !! Right next to it, rosy beanie with the glove to protect the little face from the sharp nail they have.

Baby Clothes

This hooded cardigan and colorful balls are a treat, I can already imagine the baby in there with the hood, and what a beautiful thing! And these bodys of different colors are great to have in quantity, and short-sleeved and long.

Baby Clothes

Another set of bib and body long sleeve, however, this time mixed with jeans. See how the body is super useful? Have you noticed the detail of this little green dress?

And this cute stocking following the detail of the dress? Very beautiful, very cute! rs rs rs

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Baby ClothesLastex dress with an air more young to stroll, to go to some party of the coleguinhas, look very cute to take some photos with mom and dad. rs rs And next to it, 2 very cute breeches or piss, which, by the way, combine a lot with a basic body for day to day.

Baby ClothesMeazinhas to warm the little feet can never be missing, even more that neither with bow and everything rs. And in order to finish the girls’ outfits, I separated a little blue striped dress with the matching white ball pantyhose. Do you like it?

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Now it’s the boys turn!

Baby Clothes3 different T-shirts for the coolest boys and to keep them warm inside! Now, I almost died when I saw this long-sleeved body. Did you notice that you’re following the social style of Daddy’s shirts? A good idea to wear baby and dad and take a nice photo!

Baby ClothesI gave a quick tip there in girls’ outfits, but it fits for that kids outfit too, the bodys are perfect for the daily use of the baby, pretty much they will wear them for a long time. These pieces can be both short-sleeved and long-sleeved.

Baby ClothesLook at the body again under the bib for boy, the body can match everything, these two outfits are super beautiful, is not it? I’m going to confess something to you, do not laugh, I thought it was only for girls, that’s right for my.

Baby ClothesI found this t-shirt very cute, follows the same style of those t-shirts of the first photo, (only in this photo that there is the detail of the monkey?) With the detail of the monkey. Without a doubt, a grace. I separated this cap for the babies who live in cold states or countries to be well warmed.

Bibs for the little boys, and this bib comes with the little monkey’s foot, look how charming!

Baby ClothesThat’s it moms, I hope you liked the clothes, I loved them all, and undoubtedly, the combinations with the bibs are very cool. What kinds of clothes do you usually buy for babies? Write in the comments to exchange ideas, okay?

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