Buy The Bed For Baby: Practical Advice

The baby’s bed, after the first months of life, must be chosen with the utmost care, to allow it to rest in the best conditions and in complete safety. For this reason, before being influenced by personal fashions and tastes, it is necessary to evaluate a series of very important factors.

Prerequisites for a safe purchase

The bed with the bars, suitable from six months to four years of life of the child, must have a wooden frame, painted with non-toxic and hypoallergenic paints. The distance between the bars must be between 6 and 7 cm and the height of the side must measure at least 60cm.

The mattress and the cushion must comply with the CE safety standards and be anti-suffocation and in an allergic and anti-mite material.

The padded bumper allows you to avoid trauma at least in the first year of life and offers effective protection in the colder months.

A special reducer for bed will avoid excessive movements of the newborn.

Bed For Baby
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Practical advice for new parents

Choosing a bed with drawers in the lower part, under the mattress, you can store covers and dresses or some game of the child. The wheels must be equipped with brake and easily sliding, to move the bed without great effort.

The pillowcase and the sheet, in natural cotton, ensure proper breath ability and prevent any allergies.

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To promote a peaceful and peaceful sleep, the room temperature must be between 18 and 20 degrees.

The humidity must be around 50% in order not to dry the mucous membranes or on the contrary, cause excessive sweating.

Wide choice of brands and models

It is not always easy to choose the right product, given the great offer on the market.

It is often better to take advantage of offers and promotions made by large distributors, which include in the cot also the mattress, the pillow and the sheet or other components of the bedroom.

Among the essential accessories to the health of the newborn, devices that measure the room temperature. Properly adjusted, they warn you when you exceed the desired parameters, allowing you to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level.

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