11 positive things from the terrible two years

Some fathers and mothers already know them perfectly, others are living them and the rest have only heard horror stories about this famous and dreaded stage in children’s lives.

Terrible or not, the fact is that the two years are very exposed to particular mark since the beginning of the independence of our children: they begin to make their own decisions and realize they can do more things without the help of mom or dad.

I share a list of positive things about the terrible twos, to always remember that even the most difficult stages have their good side.

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It is the age of discovery

Although our children from babyhood are constantly discovering the world around them, two years it is when the real adventure begins. They are already able to walk and travel the world on their own, unlike before they could only see and touch things when Mom or Dad approached them.

The nice thing about this part is that everything is new to them, so they constantly are discovering, experiencing and learning.

They infect you with your astonishment

Before having my daughter, they did not often amaze or excite me things as simple as popping bubbles, watching a bird or hearing an unusual sound. Children at this age that are explorers openly express their surprise and joy of discovering something new for them.

This is how now, through their eyes, we can see in a new way the world around us and amaze us with the wonders that we regularly overlook as adults and let ourselves be carried away by the responsibilities of everyday life.

Their antics, although sometimes incredible and disastrous, amuse us

When my daughter was a baby, my friends with older children warned me as a joke to enjoy it while she let herself be carried and not walk, because then I would run behind her and surprise me with the pranks I would do.

By way of prophecy, they arrived two years and it was as if it had activated a switch inside her antics. And so they began to arrive, forcing me to hide my inevitable laughter when seeing the disaster that had to take one of my lip and face painting and entire hands, or her running toward me unclothed from the waist down and with diaper in the hand.

You are surprised by the perseverance your child may have

Another name that I like to give two years is “the age of I,” is that this is one of the most repeated in this stage of their lives words, then they begin to become independent and want to do things for themselves.

What I like about this “age of I”, is to see what perseverance can become, trying things over and over again. Surrender is not an option for them, so if after several attempts can not do what they want for themselves, ask for help from mom or dad until it does what it wanted to achieve with so much energy.

No doubt his perseverance is a great example and motivation for ourselves to fight and work for what we desire.

They begin to show affection to those who love

Part of their development in these two years is that they begin to establish better social relations with their family and their friends. The hugs, kisses and phrases of affection begin to arrive to flood your day of love. Even the most horrible day of the terrible twos you forget with a kiss and a hug from your son.

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You get excited with every new word they learn

What a thrill when our baby says his first word! In the two years, they continue to learn new words every day, repeating those that we say and begin to try forming phrases to communicate with us and that sound of the most tender. A good idea to keep these beautiful moments is collect the quotes of your children.

You value more good times because now you live tantrums like never before

Every mom and dad reacts differently to tantrums in public but we all certainly expect the same thing: to be finished soon. Although when we are in the middle of a tantrum in public we would disappear as if by magic, when our children are calm and are affectionate, we learn to appreciate the contrast and understand that although there are bad times, good times make it all worthwhile.

You learn to develop your patience more

Do you want to learn to be more patient? Have children. The will test every day, no matter who is present or where they are. Breathe, close your eyes and breathe. Remember that tantrums are passengers.

You lose your shame

Your son does not care if you’re embarrassed to dance in public or sing horrible. Two years push you to do things you would not normally do, like having RPGs and pretend voices to keep them entertained in a dull moment, sing nursery rhymes to her lungs, dance ridiculously and clowning just to make them laugh.

You have a little fellow who will follow you everywhere

Children are by nature imitators and two years later began to notice this feature of them, seeing how repeated many of our actions or even begin to express how we, because for them we are their role model.

I love it when my daughter follows me and likes to do things that I enjoy doing, it is an excellent time to share something together, even if we admit that sometimes we use at our convenience that fanaticism they feel towards us as dads to do what we want to do.

No day is boring

Ask anyone who has a two-year-old or has already passed through this stage. I assure you that no one can tell you that “today did nothing” or that nothing happened (or completely strange!). Every day with a 2 year old boy are completely different, full of funny anecdotes and anecdotes.

For me the terrible famous two are not terrible, they are only a stage in which our children begin to discover their emotions and to understand that are independent of you being able to make their own decisions and sometimes touches us deal with them as they learn to recognize and understand their emotions. But as we know how to hand and be patient, both parents and children we can enjoy the good times, without being drawn into only by difficult.

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