This is the most beautiful and light electric bike that you will see

I love bikes, in general, and as a lover of this two – wheeled vehicle I enjoy spending time watching models that I will not buy, just for the pleasure of knowing companies and designs. Budnitz is a manufacturer that makes bicycles exquisite, very manicured in detail and quality, but I never imagined they would get electric thrusters in their models.

Budnitz Model E is called the specific model, and I sincerely like almost all of it under the price, as is the norm in the rest of the catalog of the house, easily approaching 7,000 dollars, if not passed. Forget the money and see what they have created an electric bike that does not look it, in which classics with modern lines notes invite us to think that in the design world ends marry if done tastefully.

Electric Bike
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The grace of the bike is in your box titanium, in fact all bikes makes Budnitz have this feature, which can also be found in Amaro Bikes, which by the way has models with class, that yes, we do not yet see anything electrical in its offer.

Titanium frame and engine ZeHus

The material allows you to create special lines with different bars where we do not expect, but mainly what gets the titanium alloy (3AL 2.5V) is to get the box down from the 1.8 kilos. Budnitz not give details on the final weight – looking for – but they say it is the lightest electric bike market in its size and features. I do not doubt, the bike does not appear at any time that has motors and batteries.

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As you can see in the pictures, no fat or traditional mechanisms, is passed to a belt that joins the bottom bracket with a rear engine known as ZeHus Bike +. In it is all well hidden – we see no wires or added – but that can assist us in pedaling to move to 25 kilometers per hour for 160 kilometers.

Together we find an exceptional bike design that has the ability to be customized in many of its elements; accessories and colors, there are also four different sizes for everyone with $7,450 can be done with one.

Comment that the mark Vermont has a variant of steel that maintains the design, but is heavier. It serves to place on the market a relatively more affordable model: USD 3,950.

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