Rear camera in the car? This puts a pair plate holder and connects to the smartphone

A new law in the United States requires all cars manufactured after 2018 have camera and reversing sensors, and current owners of a car without this system will have until 2019 to install one if you do not want to get creditors to a penalty. This has caused manufacturers are devoting efforts on basic systems for new cars, but very few companies are thinking about the more than one million vehicles that do not have this system and it will need in the coming years.

Thanks to this is as it emerges Pearl, a company founded by three former employees of Apple who were part of the team iPod and the first two iPhone, who are now engaged in the manufacture of car accessories launching your first bet: RearVision a port integrated into a system that provides camera sensor and reverse audible alert all connected to our smartphone.

Rear camera
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RearVision: Car rear eyes

Surely many will be thinking that this is not new, and no it is not, innovation present in RearVision not only to put cameras in the plate holder, but goes beyond, since we are dealing with a complete security system that is based an adapter that connects to the diagnostic port of the car, so linked via Bluetooth to your smartphone via a compatible mobile application iOS and Android.

This adapter is linked via WiFi to the plate holder, which is made of aluminum and the interior has a Cortex-A5 processor, accelerometer, two cameras with HD resolution and infrared sensors to detect movement at night, which also serve to have a field 180 degree view and get a full view of the back of the car.

In addition, the plate holder has dual – band WiFi and a battery of 2500 mAh, which recharges automatically thanks to solar panels, where a single charge have sufficient autonomy for a full week.

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The purpose of the adapter is to know when reverse is activated in the car, which means that the cameras can also activate and send the video signal to smartphone, also when the cameras detect motion or nearby objects, the application will beep to inform presence of these sounds that increase in frequency and volume depending on the closeness or the emergency level.

When the car reaches a speed of 20 kilometers per hour the cameras are turned off and the application will use other apps like Spotify, Google Maps or other we can set up, but the idea is open at all times have the application that should put reverse, the cameras are activated again and have the image on the screen of the smartphone.

In addition to this, RearVision kit includes its own support for smartphone, which will allow us to place it either vertically or horizontally easily almost anywhere onthe board of the car. An important point is that the installation of this system does not require visiting a specialist center, all the user can do in a few minutes according to its creators.

The Pearl RearVision system is now available for booking at the moment only for the United States, the price is $ 499 and is compatible with cars manufactured after 1996.

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