Can you imagine chatting with your bike? Kawasaki wants to throw a personal assistant Siri style

What the Japanese firm Kawasaki and chatty bikes does not seem a crazy, impossible idea. I do not know if the level of conversation fantastic car, but with the ability now our mobile phones.

Artificial intelligence is reaching new fields of action, and by developing the same on mobile devices is easier today to get voice interaction systems and personal assistants decent. Cortana and Siri have shown us the way, but had not imagined that this could have a direct impact on the world of two wheels.

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Japanese industry always goes engine turning them over to how to introduce more technology into their creations, both cars and motorcycles. Outside the propulsion system, we took several decades filling these vehicles circuits and processors, and well, now that we live the connected world, it is not rare for anyone to find that the bike needs to be hooked up to the network of networks.

Kanjo Engine, a voice assistant on the bike

This is already talk too much, so for now tells the people of Kawasaki is that their bikes have to have a method of interaction with the most comfortable driver, with which it is necessary to stop looking at what happens on the road. For this work in an artificial intelligence system called Kanjo Engine.

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It is in early stages of development, but is supposed to do what you are going through your head: report on the status of the bike loudly, answering questions you do about these same data, ultimately, maintain communication with natural language. What I have, Siri or Cortana on the bike.

We do not know if the intention Kobe brand is testing the technology in scooters or sport bikes, seems obviously is most striking in the second

Apart from getting the language and interactions are effective in Kawasaki they think that having a new brain in there can give more: the bike should learn from our habits to adapt and be prepared to the particular needs of each.

Who is creating the Kanjo Engine? It is a matter of Kawasaki and the company Cocoro SB, specializing in artificial intelligence and owned by the powerful group Softbank, you will sound for her work as the operator, to one for its large investments in technology around the globe, and others by owning the robot Pepper.

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