How to make black paint

How to make black paint

Different ways to create the Black color by mixing different shades of paint. You can easily learn how to make black from primary, secondary, and complementary colors.

Although this is a site dedicated to house painting, this rule applies to whatever type of material you are working with. There is an easy and homemade way to prepare black with edible vegetable coloring, tempera, plasticine, or acrylic for artistic. Also for synthetic or acrylic enamel, and latex paint. » Read more

Can cats eat tomatoes or not?

Can cats eat tomatoes

The nutrition of our cat is very important. It is necessary to understand which foods are allowed to avoid any kind of discomfort. Cats can eat tomatoes? It seems a strange question, but in reality, there are many owners who have asked themselves. For our cat, we tend to create a food plan that is as similar as possible to ours, but often we do not realize that this, in some cases, is not possible. Let’s find out if tomatoes are allowed in our kitten’s diet. » Read more

Hair wax: 5 things to know absolutely!

Hair wax

From application to when to use hair wax: here’s everything you need to know about this styling product!

Often, wax is associated with men’s hair: yet, it is a styling product widely used in the fashion world on female hair to create natural and crazy looks at the same time. It is excellent for giving life to bright, practical, and trendy hairstyles; before applying it, however, you need to know certain things! Here’s everything you need to know about hair wax … » Read more

Nude Nails: how to choose the right nude nail polish

Nude Nails

Curate, elegant, discreet: neutral nail polish is the favorite manicure of many women. Partly because it is easier to apply (especially in the sun) than reds and burgundy, partly because it reveals fewer small defects and regrowths. Of course, it’s easy to say “natural” nail polish, less to find the right one: the color palette of so-called neutrals has an infinite wardrobe of shades to choose from wisely. » Read more

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