American Prep: How to Master the Style

American prep is back in fashion, but it can be a difficult look to pull off. The style is both hipster and preppy, and it is ideal for everyday wear – but it needs to look effortless rather than over-styled.

If you want to pull off the American prep style this season, here is everything you need to know.

The Style

The overall style of the look is relaxed and yet mature. It is an everyday look that is crisp and fresh, and it is ideal for men who want to look fashionable while also feeling comfortable. American prep style is mostly made up of high-quality versatile pieces that mix and match well with each other.


An American prep top is a classic style in a simple colour, such as polo shirts and Farah shirts. Polo necks and Farah shirts tend to look best in shades of blue, from dark navy to a light summery blue. They also look good in red shades such as cherry.

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Hats are back with a bang, especially classic American prep baseball caps. However, it isn’t enough to just put the hat on your head: first you must think about how to wear the hat! According to GQ, you should take off any shiny stickers straight away, as this will ruin the look.

The colour of the hat will also determine if it looks mature or immature. Avoid bright colours like red and yellow, and instead go for a more neutral colour like heather grey, light blue or natural.


The trousers are perhaps the most important part of the American prep style. The best option is a pair of high-quality no-nonsense jeans that are neither too slim or too baggy. This is because if they are slim they will resemble skinny jeans, and if they are baggy you will look more skater than preppy. The colour of the jeans should be dark to medium rather than light-coloured.

Another great option is a pair of well-fitting chinos in a light shade such as beige. Make sure that you buy the chinos in-store rather than online, as it is easy to order an ill-fitting pair that can ruin the look.

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