Advantages of organizing the ceremony and reception in the same space

The ceremony and reception in the same place can save you more than a bad headache if you know organize. Here are some advantages that can benefit if this become a full alternative.

As the years pass, more and more couples who opt for spaces such as hotels, palaces or houses, prepared to host the ceremony and the banquet. In them you will find everything you need to celebrate your wedding completely without equipment moves from one place to another and use their time better.

Wedding Ceremony
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Here are some of the advantages offered wedding parties all in one place:


For the couple, for guests and for anyone who has to participate in one way or another in the wedding photographer, chauffeurs, etc. After the ceremony if you do not have that equipment moves will have more calmly to enjoy the day with yours. Also less and save you having to arrange some transport between the place of the ceremony and celebration for those who have no means of transportation.

No hurries

The day will be longer if you do not lose in overtime equipment moves from one place to another. More time to live your big day, being with family, friends and squeeze the most of every second.

Saving money

The ceremony and reception in the same place is often cheaper to do it separately because, in addition to reducing the cost of the celebration need not decorous two spaces, personal contractions beyond that offered by the place or you rent one bus trips.

Wedding Ceremony
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Usually such places are complex which also offer accommodation for those who want to stay overnight. This, besides being a great advantage for the guests who live far away or simply do not want to drive late at night, may give rise to the party continue the next day. A breakfast with friends and family can be the best way to lay the big party.

Goodbye to the dead times

When two spaces, guests must often be expected to each other until they reach the place of the banquet, they can be lost or take a long time to see the bride and groom. If the event occurs in the same space, these expectations will be shortened and will gain time.

The same environment

If you celebrate the wedding in a unique space you will achieve everything flow better in terms of decor and if, for example, want a themed wedding will be much easier to get all conjuncts.

Wedding Ceremony
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The place is ideal if you have a nice garden and space to take photos, so you will not have to go far and will spend more time enjoying your holiday, just to return before your guests begin to get impatient. There are even boyfriends’ advantages for pictures other than the day of the ceremony so as not to miss a second of the big party.

Declared husband and wife

If you want to be formal legal ceremony that day there is no problem. Many places such as houses or palaces are blessed and can place a religious wedding as if it were a church. In the case of the civil wedding it is even easier, because you can hire a person authorized to officiate and that this move where you wantYou would ye who prefer separate locations or one space for ceremony and banquet?

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