Gloves, jewelry, hat and bag: tips and tricks for choosing the bride’s accessories.

Only after choosing the dress, the hairstyle, the shoes and the underwear, a bride who wants to be perfect will take care to pay due attention also to the accessories that will frame her figure on the most beautiful day of all. Gloves, hats, jewelry and, why not, bags and clutches!

Also in this case the etiquette sets the basic rules for each accessory that the bride will decide to wear, the important thing is that the object recalls the rest of the style as much as possible: by combining too simple dress with too elaborate jewelry there is the risk of creating an uneven overall effect.

The gloves of the bride

The glove is a very nice accessory for the bride, although not necessary. The label considers them indispensable in formal weddings. These must be combined with the wedding dress, in the same fabric as this or in the veil, in the same color and shade. Once reached the altar, the bride will have to remove the gloves, placing them on the kneeler in front of the bouquet.

The bride’s jewelry

The wedding etiquette says not to adorn any jewel : even the engagement ring is not allowed. Allowed are a pair of precious earrings, non-hanging and not very showy, while a very light gold or pearl string around the neck. In detail, pearls are very suitable for brides or mothers: legend has it that the pearls were born from the rays of the moon, therefore daughters of Artemis or Lucina, which represents the moon. Artemis is protector of marriage, fertility and childbirth. Instead of jewels, accessories of the same fabric as the dress could be worn to adorn the arms, shoulders or neck, such as ribbons or, in the case of dresses with floral motifs, small flowers or leaves.

The bride’s hat

The rules of the label allow you to wear a hat if the wedding ceremony takes place in the Municipality, in the presence of a registrar: the hat is the equivalent of the bridal veil for religious weddings. When choosing a hat, the first rule to follow is that the bride’s face must always be clearly visible. The hat will also have to match the style of the dress: a cloche, for example, will be suitable for a 1930s dress, while a wide-brimmed headdress will be perfect for a suit.

The bride’s purse

The bon ton forbids the bride to bring a handbag : in the hands she will only have the bouquet. If you want to have it, you must pay attention to the matching with the dress, as for all the other wedding accessories. During the ceremony, however, to have your hands free, it will be necessary to entrust it to a bridesmaid or friend, ready to deliver it when needed.

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