7 trends on the wedding banquet that you can not ignore in 2019

Among the various trends that are peeping into this New Year and that will help you plan the wedding of your dreams, there is the one of the banquet. Here are ready for you 7 must-have must-haves that you cannot ignore!

We are now accustomed to the moment when fashion houses launch the new collections of wedding dresses, we have the antennas bristled to understand what will be the nuance that Pantone will launch in the new year to color the stands and bouquets of flowers but today we want to dwell on a very precise appearance. What will the trends that will accompany the wedding banquets in 2019? An article of pure inspiration in which to start dreaming and designing starting from these 7 points.

1. The return of the black

wedding banquet

From passepartout color to keep in wardrobe for elegant ceremonial dresses, with a new nuance to show off in a wedding banquet. Black is a true style icon and in 2019 it promises to break through the hearts of many couples who will choose it as a trendy color for some details of the banquet, better if combined with the elegance of gold . Ideal for the accessories of a modern table, rock, extremely vintage or inspired by the new baroque style.

2. The fusion of the classic and the modern

wedding banquet

Combining extremely classical elements with purely modern details is an art already well-known in the field of furniture, but in 2019 this trend will come out on weddings. It is therefore a matter of finding a delicate and beautiful balance at the same time between the use of classic pieces (such as table linen) and contemporary (such as tableware). The textures and design will make the environment unique and cared for in detail.

3. Velvet passion

wedding banquet

The velvet is back in vogue: the latest catalogs of women’s formal wear as well as interior design magazines tell the story. It is impossible to ignore this trend in wedding banquets where the velvet fabric can find full expression in the colors, combinations and impressive and elegant plots. The best choice is on the tablecloths, on the upholstery of the chairs, on the puffs and on the cushions of the relaxation corners.

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4. Greenery: Long runner leaves and candles

wedding banquet

2019 looks like the year in which the classic centerpieces, structured and defined, leave room for a central decoration that is much more scenography and striking. We refer to runners composed of very long leaves and branches, inside which they are arranged, equidistant to each other, candles or candlesticks of different height or small bouquets of peonies placed in transparent glass vases of various sizes.

5. Lucine on the table

wedding banquet

The art of table lighting does not end with the idea of candlesticks. This trend pertains to the magical world of light lines. These are very thin transparent wires composed of tiny static or intermittent lights that can be easily modeled on the table: on the centerpiece, three leaves or even around the large under plates for a truly chic effect.

6. Color on the table

wedding banquet

This trend is proposed as a natural continuation of the beloved pastel colors chosen for the wedding. Among all predominant mint green in addition to the beige, lavender and old rose. On the table occupy a privileged place as a decoration of delicious chairs dressed for the party, sophisticated napkins, very elegant crockery or cutlery with an onyx handle.

7. Monograms and laser cuts

wedding banquet

In 2019 the idea of personalization reaches very high levels even in the banquet. We refer to the monograms, already used for wedding invitations, and which we find in the wedding banquet affixed to napkins. These are the initials of the couple, accompanied by a graphic sign, so as to be considered a real seal embroidered or printed on the napkins of the banquet. An important investment to be reused, then, at home for elegant dinners in the company. Along with these, even the initials, the names or words made of wood with laser cutting will be a real must have for the personalization of the tables.

Originality, color and small creative details even in the wedding place cards, will ensure a great scenic impact to your wedding. These will be the fundamental prerogatives for setting up fabulous banquets that will remain etched in the guests’ memory. And you, have you already chosen which of these trends will fit right into your heart list?

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