7 things you can do with an old mobile


Do you have an old smartphone that you no longer use? There are many things you can do with it, from donating it to turning it into a valuable WiFi antenna or monitor to monitor your baby. Let’s go there!

In the European Union alone, there are 700 million mobiles that are not used but have not been discarded by their owners either. It is estimated that these old gadgets could save more than 1,000 million euros, reduce two million tons of CO2 emissions and create more than 43,500 jobs.

It is more than likely that in the storage room or in the drawer of a nightstand you also house an old smartphone that you no longer use. There is no reason to hold on to your belongings without taking advantage of it, so we are going to tell you up to seven things that you can do with a mobile that you no longer use.

7 ideas to reuse an old mobile

Home Security System: You don’t have to spend tons on a simple home monitoring device. You can simply reuse an old smartphone, charge it, and install a home surveillance app like Presence, Manything, or AtHome Camera on it. You will need to configure the old camera to point in the direction of the area you want to monitor. These apps will send your phone’s main notifications when motion is detected, so you never have to worry about the safety of your home while you’re away.

Baby Monitor: To make this trick possible, you will need two old smartphones, or preferably an old one and your current device. What steps should you follow? Download an app like Cloud Baby Monitor, Dormi or Baby Monitor 3G on both devices. Your new surveillance gadget should be far enough away to get a complete picture of your little one’s room. Set the privacy so that only you can access the streaming video and make sure that your WiFi network that you will use is password protected.

Dash Cam: Plugging and unplugging, mounting and unmounting can be a pain. Grab an old smartphone and transform it into a permanent dashcam by connecting it to a power source, mounting it, and downloading an app like Autoboy Dash Cam.

WiFi Extender or external WiFi antenna: If you want that corner of your house to finally receive a WiFi signal, even if it is not very powerful -that simply serves to check Facebook or enter email- use this method: download the Netshare application no -root tethering on your previous device , which will be the extender, and also on your current device. You only have to open the app on the first mobile and press the option to share Internet connection, which will give you a group SSID and a password for the second device, which will be used to connect. Accept on the second device and … voila

GPS Tracker: Using an old phone as a GPS tracker is a cheap and simple option, although it will consume a lot of battery -you can always use a portable charger for all your trips. Download your favorite application, activate your location and enjoy the route.

Withdraw money: You can sell your old mobile on platforms such as Wallapop, eBay, Vibbo, Amazon … Also to reconditioning platforms such as Back Market.

Donation: If you want to contribute to the care of the environment, the fight against programmed obsolescence or technological democratization, donate your smartphone to some non-profit organization where you live.

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