7 essential things for the baby’s bedroom

7 must have in the bedroom of the newborn, useful since the early days and that, eventually, can be included in the birth list for those who decide to do it.

Many of the purchases that are made for the newborn reveal themselves, in the long run, totally useless and many objects that seemed to be essential become in reality cumbersome and annoying since the early days.

Others, however, are precious and are used immediately by mothers and fathers simplifying their life and that of the baby.

baby's bedroom

Here are 7 useful things for the newborn’s room (or, anyway, for the newborn) to be inserted, if necessary, in the birth list …

1) A rocking chair / armchair to nurse your baby. Comfortable especially at night, the chair to nurse the baby is useful from birth onwards. When it will no longer be for mum, it will still be useful for the child.

2) The changing table. Many mothers decide to do without it. In reality it is a very comfortable piece of furniture in the early years because it allows you to keep all the necessaire for changing the baby. Besides the fact that changing the child at the right height is much more comfortable than on the bed or the sofa!

3) The mosquito net on the windows. In fact, mosquito nets are useful everywhere and should always be installed if it is possible. In the child’s bedroom they are definitely precious.

4) The humidifier. Especially in winter, in hyper heated homes, the humidifier is precious for the baby’s health, to prevent the mucous membranes from drying out excessively and to help them breathe better in general.

5) The lamp on the bedside table. It is one of those fundamental objects not only in the first months, but also in the future, for example when you have to read fairy tales to the child.

6) The laundry basket dirty. In the first months, it would be difficult to divide the dirty linen of the child from that of the rest of the family. A personalized basket to keep in the room or in the bathroom solves the problem. Later it can be reused as a games basket.

7) A chest of drawers. Very useful, even more than the wardrobe, to store all the clothes and baby’s outfits. In the absence of space it can be combined with the changing table.

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