6 tips for the first Christmas of the baby

The first Christmas of the baby is quite an event. Yes, especially for parents and grandparents, because children do not know about the party until they grow up a little, although they do perceive the animation that surrounds them.

The dream of the baby

If it approaches December 24 and your baby has just been born or has a few months, it is important to alter your routines as little as possible. The noise, the commotion and to pass of arms in arms will make him nervous and he will not enjoy it, for that reason there are parents who “skip” the Christmas dinners with the family until the children are older. Others, however, take advantage of the fact that newborn babies sleep many hours and almost anywhere, so they can be taken to dinners or meals at the home of grandparents or uncles, provided there is a quiet room where can sleep, rest and suck calmly.

When the babies are closer to the year, the situation changes: they learn more about the commotion they have around them, they are more awake and participate more in the current animation, but they can also become more irritable with the change of schedules and routines. When you see that he begins to protest or to get tense, take him to sleep in a quiet room.

Christmas of the baby

What does the baby eat at parties?

Babies should not eat nuts, candy, or most of the things we eat at Christmas. The feeding of the baby is much simpler. If you have not tried these foods before, you may not want to try them now either. It is advisable to keep your usual meal and dinner schedules (you will already join the family table when you grow up) and not leave food that you can choke on or that could make you sick.

Security for crawlers

Celebes where you celebrate the holidays, if your baby is already able to move by their own means or stand holding on to anywhere, make sure that the dangers are out of reach: plugs, cables, tiny figurines of nativity scene, ornaments on tables low…

If at the party there are adults without children, it is very likely that they leave glasses or glasses on the edge of any table because they do not realize how close the tragedy can be. Do not take it the wrong way, they’re not used to it: it’s your turn to be aware of those things and bring toys so that your baby is entertained. Surely there are a lot of volunteers to play with him and have him in his arms, but if the child gets tired, your refuge is mom and dad.

Pictures yes, please

Do not cut yourself with the photographs: immortalize your son Christmas after Christmas is an indelible memory. And they grow very fast, really. Sending a photo of your little Santa’s elf dress to congratulate the parties or to portray him with the tree or the nativity scene in the background seemed corny when you did not have children, but now … now you love it, and you do not have to hide it. A tip: pass the best photos to paper as soon as possible that do not remain in the limbo of a hard disk or the cloud.

Better we wait for the Magi at home

Yes, when we have children, we recover the enthusiasm for many Christmas traditions, but the Cavalcade of Kings is not the best plan for a baby: there are many people, it is a lot of cold and we have to wait a long time in the street.

If your baby still does not walk, it’s great to take him for a walk on the street so he can see the lights and the animation and listen to the music, but it is preferable to do it at quieter times.

And we ask Your Majesties of the East not to overwhelm us

A baby does not know about the gifts and it overwhelms them to be surrounded by packages that adults open with lots of sparrows, despite the illusion that makes us parents and family. Try not to exceed yourself when writing the letter and, if the Kings are going to leave things for the child in other houses, it is a good idea to ask a specific present to the one who asks us, instead of leaving it in his hand.

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