6 recommendations before buying a pet

In my house we have always been animal lovers. We have had cats, dogs, turtles, hamsters, chicks, rabbits, and even birds. What very few people understand before buying a pet, is that these beings who love you without asking for almost anything in return, need a lot of care. In addition, they are a great responsibility for the family.

6 tips before buying a pet

buying a pet

Here are 6 recommendations before buying a pet …

1) Before thinking about getting a pet, consider how active your family is, how much space they have and who will be responsible for maintaining their cleanliness, daily food and routine. In this way, they can reach an agreement regarding the size, breed and activity required of the animal.

2) Once you decide, think about whether you can adopt that pet, either from a shelter or from another person who cannot keep it. That way you’ll give that little animal a second chance. Remember that in most animal protection societies, pets must be humanely euthanized after 5 working days.

3) Before buying a pet think about your monthly budget. Large dogs usually eat once a day but in large quantities, and the food is quite expensive. In addition to: vet costs, toys, grooming and hairdressing if they are small and long hair. Each animal has different basic needs and all must be added extra expenses that will be part of our monthly budget.

4) Once we decide to get the pet, the family must work as a team to divide the responsibilities. So that our animal does not become a burden in our day to day, let’s try to make it part of the daily responsibilities of the family. Everyone needs to contribute in their daily routine.

5) Consider that if your lifestyle requires you to travel constantly, it may not be the most appropriate time to acquire a pet. The animals suffer a lot when their owners leave and leave them for days.

6) If we already have a pet at home and the family decides to obtain another pet, we must consider introducing the new member to neutral territory. If they are dogs, both on a leash and in a soft way, always giving them a lot of positive reinforcement. In this way, we will achieve that the animal that we already had at home does not feel displaced.

Even for big animal lovers, often having one at home represents an extra responsibility that we are not willing to take on. The most important thing is to help raise awareness among our loved ones of the need to care for and love our animals, once we decide to make them part of our family.

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