5 dog breeds that surprise little dogs

Some dogs prefer a pat on the head. Others crave a massing service of physical attention. We hear about some races that have literally approached my welcoming category.

Get ready for some surprises – I left the list of choices for dog breeds. Some of the “most affectionate races”, such as the Labrador Retriever, off the island voted. Guess it’s time that we humans give these breeds the chance to put together credits for pampering.

1. Vizsla

dog breeds

First of all, we Vizsla are not sticky, dependent or needy. What we are is passionate about people. We were bred to hunt and recover in the forest, in the field and in the water. But while we are true athletes, what we want most about the goal is love and a lot. But don’t roll your eyes. After all, I bet that the humans of the Olympics wake up embracing their loved ones too. And I don’t think we’re too old to be little dogs. We weigh only around 50 pounds, and we can shoot in a narrow heckuva ball.

As for me, I like to sit on the lap of my human being with my front legs on his shoulders. At the least, I rest my head on the feet of a family member. But yes, people who crave personal space can be overwhelmed by us. Apparently, the Hungarian aristocracy was not. They have developed us for love and for hunting, and we excel in both.

2. Boston Terrier

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Now, despite my misleading name, I’m not technically in the Terrier group. I was, however, bred by Terrier lines, and would like to see other types of Terriers entering the super-duper affectionate list. I’m bursting with affection for my family. I embrace the cuddles and cuddle them with the best of them. And not to fuck my horn, but I’m extroverted, lovable, funny, kind and generous with kisses.

Raised almost exclusively for company, I am called the American gentleman, partly because my coloring seems apparently human smoking. It’s flattering, but how about if we change? From now on, could you call me the affectionate aristocrat?

3. Great Dane

dog breeds

I happily admit that all the cartoons and photos of us that are nestling with the family on the sofas are accurate (though, yes, sometimes comic) illustrations of our loving temperament. Weighing about 150 pounds, we are a gigantic breed with a huge desire for family love relatives.

As for our heritage, we were developed in Germany (not in Denmark, by the way) to hunt wild boar and protect property. Today we will still warn you about neophytes in general, but our main occupation is camaraderie. We bond closely with families who appreciate a strong dose of affection and at least humor us when we pretend to be dairy dogs from time to time.

4. Greyhound

dog breeds

So, I guess when you go up the steps of a house with a greyhound, you expect to find an active breed that runs around. Well, it could be the case if you stop during the short session a day we want to run. But more often than not, you’ll find me curled up in a ball, quietly sleeping next to my favorite human. I am not excessively needy (I can actually rest alone during the day rather well), but I delight in sharing warmth and physical affection with my special humans.

While we are an ancient race known for its remarkable speed, we are also renowned for our kind spirit. Ah yes, but one last comment: keep in mind that as a result of centuries of farming, I have an innate instinct to chase small animals. So if I’m hugging you comfortably in the hammock, you might want to make sure the courtyard gate is closed!

5. Boxer

dog breeds

Flourishing with human interaction, we have worked alongside man for centuries. You humans seem to enjoy the image of us on our hind legs, but the odds are that it’s more fiction than reality. We are, however, known athletes, developed long ago to hunt and keep the prey. We have worked hard even in the world wars.

So yes, we are powerful and sporty. But as the Vizsla rightly explained, athletes also crave affection. We have a silly gene and we’ll do anything for a laugh from our family. Furthermore, we love having fun in the family, but especially children. We like the bizarre kisses of the little ones as promptly as we give them.

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