15 games to play whole family

Evenings with family games are more fun, that’s an irrefutable truth but do not think that I speak only games with mom and dad, I talk about games for the whole family and even friends. Today I bring no less than 15 games to play with the whole family, for teams, couples, as we want and depending on us to get together.

15 games for the evenings of holidays, some are newer and others something less, because sometimes revisit some of our games, those of life, can give “long game” (what I like to me these games words, hear).

Going on holiday often means that we meet or agree with part of the family we cannot see every day or at least frequently. Family meals that can end with one of these games for digestion is done to the rhythm of laughter, competition and wholesome family fun.

15 games to play
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The more traditional


With letters, a classic. It is also perfect for those who already walk with the sums and mental calculation. Surely you have played thousand times when you were kids right? I doubt not have at home a deck of cards but just in case you know, that Amazon will take them home.


The famous and sound chips charged points to know how to move around the table to win the game, here the older family may have some advantage even the smallest sure learn fast. You have this game of dominoes in wooden box on Amazon.


A classic among classics. For two, three , four … children against adults, for equipment, for couples. It is always handy to have on hand a board to take a perches and if you do not have to hand it on Amazon.

The monopoly

The only requirement is time, going with a game of Monopoly is we can go the whole afternoon and early evening hours. Prepare a simple snack monopoly pecking because you know when you start to play but not when it ends. Versions of this game every day there are more.

The trivial

In its various options (genius, normal, 80 ‘, for moviegoers, for lovers of “Game of Thrones,” “Walking Dead”, “Big Band Theory”, …) is undeniable that it is very entertaining and which can be great fun when played by teams and family, this particular have it on Amazon.

They are here to stay

The one

It is certainly not a classic as a matter of age , but it is true that it has become a recurring for a laugh playing family. Beware smaller than when you want to realize you earn by hand and yes, of course I speak from experience.


Easy to carry anywhere and perfect for four people to spend some time most entertaining, we have discovered relatively recently but those who stay home long, long time.

10 Little pigs

We seize counting and adding at least to ten and all while we play together. The plan is perfect for a large family treed.

Boom Boom Balloon

This really is for all ages, playing with grandparents to see who gets it will not explode the balloon is accompanied by laughter for everyone, that’s for sure.


With this game you must play me leaving the door forgotten in the sense of the ridiculous to enjoy it as it deserves and to laugh at everything and everyone, starting with oneself, as it should be.

Batti Burri

For children and adults, for quick eyes, even faster minds and hands of supersonic speed you ready to play?

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For the more sedate

Story cubes

It tests our imagination when creating stories, so it is perfect for adults and children mix their fantasies and way of counting them.


For Inquiring minds quiet evenings and certainly very interesting to exercise ourselves with numbers almost from very small.


This is because for the middle of the house, those who enjoy strategies and playing also thinking about the possible moves of others.


It has been recognized as the best board game. It is one of those games in which the important thing is the imagination and not the age of the players.

All are entertaining and fun and if there are still some that perhaps have not tested these holidays are a perfect time to do it. We already tell, I hope.

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