11 wonderful experiences that you can live in New York … for free!

Traveling to New York with budget low cost can be a real drama. The fact is that if we do not control the budget, can bring us disgust. But there is cheap stuff in New York. It’s more … there are a lot of experiences that we can live completely free!

Roosevelt Island cable car

Whether to implement that of “what matters is not the destination but the journey’, the cable car Roosevelt Island is the perfect example. In Roosevelt Island there is nothing to do, but the way to get on a cable car 70 that crosses the East Rivermore than 70 meters high, making the unique experience. So, you know, to see the Big Apple from the heights, you need not be left hundreds of dollars on a helicopter ride. The trip is free with MetroCard (card city transport) and costs the same as a single ticket for the bus or subway, if we do not have the card.

New York
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Staten Island Ferry

The ferry that connects the south of Manhattan to Staten Island is free since authorities assumed that the costs of issuing banknotes were higher for the city to stop charging for using the service. Starting from the end of Whitehall, we can enjoy a walk of about twenty-five minutes to Staten Island, passing the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and enjoying the stunning views of the skyline of the city. And, if getting to Staten Island does not want us to stay there … just take the ferry back. Also free, of course.

Mass gospel in Harlem

It’s been many years that, fortunately, Harlem ceased to be synonymous with marginality. Today, a visit to New York would be complete without climbing to the north of Central Park. And a visit to Harlem neither will not attend a mass gospel, which enjoy music will not forget. Tip: Flee from the touristier. (Almost) in any church, the experience will be worth it.

The lobby of the Chrysler Building

The Chrysler is one of the favorite skyscrapers of New Yorkers and visitors, but it is one of the few iconic buildings of the city that cannot be visited as a tourist. While other major architectural landmarks can be seen from outside (free, of course) or go inside (paying sometimes a disproportionate amount), Chrysler allows access to the hall for free. And what will we find there? As an example of Art Deco spectacular, which will leave us with open mouth from the frescos on the walls to the small details such as numbers or door handles?

New York Public Library

One of the largest and most libraries and best – stocked in the world, in full Fifth Avenue, we find the spectacular building in which we can enter for free. The interior surprises so majestic, reading rooms for his catalog of works and outside, in the park of Bryant Park, an oasis of tranquility (and free WiFi , by the way) in the bustle of the city.

Grand Central Terminal

The station transport most important city, recognize it at first glance to be a cinema icon, with countless appearances on the big screen. Its brick vaults, the roof represents a great firmament, the four – faced clock in the center of the hall principal or the huge flag of the United States who chairs the station from the 11S compete for the attention of visitors with the continuous movement of the more than 500,000 people who pass daily through it.

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Coney Island

Going to the beach in the New York and enjoy exiting a funfair classic with air decadent is something we will reach a metro ticket. Coney Island has a charm that can only be understood when visited. It seems a perfect choice for a day off in the middle of the tourist madness that is often a trip to New York.

Brooklyn Bridge

It’s a real miracle that no one has come charging to cross one of the most famous bridges in the world. Because everyone would spend per box without doubt, especially if we have had the experience of walking through it, much better if it is indirection Brooklyn-Manhattan, and better even if we do at sunset, with the sun silhouetted against the skyline.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

The Catholic Cathedral of Manhattan, with his style neogothic, is situated in the heart of the Fifth Avenue. It’s a bit incongruous, even surrounded on all sides by some of the tallest buildings in the city. Inside, we can contemplate the walls of white marble, impressive organs or the altar of San Miguel and San Luis, designed by Tiffany & Co.

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A small round the world in just four streets

If we went to the south of Manhattan, we can imbibe a multicultural environment, even the city in general. Chinatown and Little Italy shared urban space (or rather, ChinaTown will expropriate gradually the territory previously occupied by the Italians). In Chinatown, with their shops food and also with fakes and if we truly live the experience Little Italy, nothing better than to approach Mulberry Street in September, when the neighborhood gets the best of himself in the celebrations of San Genaro.

Search the remains of the 11S

For a whole generation several – or, a large part of the image of New York will be linked to the terrible events of September 11, 2001 the city is full of. Museums and tributes, many of which can be visited free of charge: from the impressive decorative fountains occupying the place where were the Twin Towers to the many fire stations with their overwhelming tributes, the Memorial Wall of Greenwich Stret or exciting St Paul church, the church from which emergency services are coordinated and that even today, includes tributes to the victims from all over the world.

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