10 tips to buy the wedding dress

Take note of these tips to buy the perfect wedding dress!

Hello, future brides: If they are already planning their wedding, probably the first question that has assaulted their heads is. “What dress will use” And, if one day want to look divine, it is in it.

But, as you will realize, choosing a wedding dress is not anything: numerous visits to boutiques, websites, magazines to disclose the required latest trends, expos wedding … anyway. The good news? 

Wedding Dress
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There are some tips that if followed to the letter, made ​​much lighter this process. Take note of these tips to buy the perfect wedding dress!

Buy the dress about 6 months before the wedding

Why is it necessary to do so early? Because remember that you need to have defined your dress to choose your shoes, veil and other accessories including bouquet ! Look here guide time to buy your wedding dress.

Go early to stores

Sleep well the night before and get up early to go walking clothes stores. So you will feel fresh and energetic: and that is, who wants to feel tired on this important day?

A light breakfast

It is wrong therefore prove a dress without having eaten anything like it after a big meal. So a light breakfast, like fruit and cereal. Do not eat anything heavy, as you might feel bloated.

Make appointments

Before going to the boutiques, called to ask if you need an appointment. Many stores, especially smaller, exclusive, receives visits without appointment.

Do not visit more than three stores in one day

So you can see the dresses with calm and not feel so overwhelmed probadera.

Accompanied someone who knows your tastes

Bring your mother, sister or your best friend, but no more! The more people you invite see dresses, you will feel more confused. And remember that the final decision is yours alone.

Takes appropriate underwear

The days go see skin dresses interior color used clothes and preferably a strapless bra.

Go with an open mind

Very important! Go with the idea that you do not know what to find. You can be surprised and delighted with something that neither imagined.

Take photos, many photos

Ask one of your companions you take pictures from front, side and back of each dress. This will help you look more objectively, remember each dress and make a selection to get the winner.

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