10 things guests expect there at your wedding

It is well known that once you give invitations, your guests are most excited to discover all that awaits them on the big day. We know you’re the star, but there is no doubt that they are the ones who tend to have even more fun on the date you’ve both dreamed. Although we would not want to base the organization of the big day on expectations of attendees if you want to comment what are the 10 things we all hope to find on your wedding day. Take note!

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1. Authenticity

Yes! Believe it or not, your guests are waiting for the celebration of your wedding as it reflects who you are: your style, taste and personality. This point is fundamental and that will help them pass the best in such an important day for you. Before you grab the temptation to spend millions on things that do not need to remember that your wedding is that … your wedding! No need to brag, impress or win the appreciation of anyone. The less you try, the results will be more cute. Guaranteed!

2. Places to Stay

If you are planning a destination wedding, obviously you must take into account that there are enough spaces for your guests can stay comfortably. If you fail to make this a reality, it is more likely that many reject the invitation by the difficulties the transfer and stay represent. Make sure the hotels near the location you choose have enough space for all your friends and family. A super must!

3. Nothing deadlocks on your big day

You must be sufficiently prepared to handle all the itinerary of a very effective way. The guests like to each of the activities are well planned and no dead spots that lead to boredom. Try to hire a wedding planner to ensure the smooth flow of each phase of your wedding and, of course, that is very attentive / or your guests have needs during the celebration. Constellations and the will incredibly well.

4. Good music

Yes, it ‘s not that you include all the hits, but have a good mix of music. Try to cover all your guests melodic tastes: pop songs, classic rock, cumbias, ballads, etc. Believe it or not, they want to feel integrated into the reception, and there is no better way to do that with a good playlist to ensure the good cheer of all.

5. Small Speeches

Are you thinking that any of your relatives give a toast? Convince not take half an hour to get to your point. Believe us, at the reception everyone is thinking of those delicious dishes that will devour and certainly do not want play with everyone’s appetite. For more selfish enough, there will come a time when all attendees starve and will not care what your uncles are saying. With that speak a couple of minutes it’s more than enough!

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6. Delicious food

Do not ask you discover the black thread of the food, but that you think about what kind of dishes you would love your guests. Many times we opted for the more complex menu, but the reality is that many times attendees are looking for dishes that delight and not make them wary of what they are about to eat. If you’re going to have a casual reception, easy meal commitment: handmade burgers, beer, French fries, rich desserts and good tickets. It is the best! Discover what are the suppliers that cannot miss on your wedding and notes how to have a wedding with lots of personality.

7. Rich drinks

You can decanter to include open bar at your wedding, but if you want to sponsor him drunk everybody, it’s best to include you to handle a good proposal of drinks on your big day. Rely instead on common sense and lean on the most popular flavors: white or tequila, whiskey, beers of all types, cocktails, and much more! Believe us, your guests will be happier with this great assortment.

8. Decor and good company at the tables

If you’re going to have a wedding with many guests, please take the time to build the tables according to the groups, interests and personalities of your guests. What they want is to reconnect with old friends or engage in good conversations with like these people, so nothing in the mix world groups that have nothing in common. Potent to think about their work, their relationship among them, who they are super close and who flat or have seen. This will give you a good reference point for everyone to have a wonderful time.

9. For women … A kit SOS!

Before you think you already have everything ready, do not forget to include a basket with commodities that can use any of your guests: Feminine napkins, deodorant, lipsticks, candies or gum This detail can make a big difference in perception have your guests on your wedding, plus, to the unexpected, the girls will feel very safe.

10. Care and photos

We know it is a bit problematic spend quality time all the guests; however we recommend you take the time to talk to them, or take a picture with everyone. An sure go from table to table to acknowledge the assistance of all and if there is a chance, take a few minutes to dance with them, joke or share a cozy drink. There’s no more!

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