Three suitable training routines to get fit at home

For those who seek an alternative to the gym or the park where you find variety of furniture to work your body, today we bring three suitable training routines to get fit at home.

With very little equipment we can get in every home as chairs, brooms or similar or using exercises that require only our body weight, we can do one of the following three routines:

Routine 1: With chairs and broom

The first routine that we leave is to perform different exercises to work all the muscles of the body and burn some calories, performing four sets of 20 repetitions of all movements.

The first exercise is to perform a Bulgarian squat using a chair for support of high standing, alternating over and repeat with a jump, to burn calories while working quadriceps, glutenous, calves and hamstrings.

three-suitable-training-routines-to-get-fit-at-homeAfter performing the routine proposes invested rowing and plyometric pushups using two chairs for this to work your back muscles and chest. To exercise suggests performing shoulders shoulder press with body weight or vertical bends.

In order to train triceps, routine incorporates a variant of the classic pushups where the forearm should be near the floor and the palms of your hands fully supported directed forward. We can also work biceps doing a bicep curl invested in bar, as if we weremaking rowing grip invested but backwards.

It also incorporates dippings or funds between two chairs to work triceps and chest and abdominal exercise intends to make L- sit or isometric on L using chairs as support and also, flexoextensiones crunches chair.

As we can see, it is a complete routine that allows us to train the whole body at home, using elements that all we usually have and our body weight.

Routine 2: With backpack and books

To work different muscles of the body, we can implement this routine is to run various exercises using equipment as only one bag or backpack and many books .

Bag or backpack charge of different books and we will use it as ballast, as if it were a barbell and also, as a fulcrum.

First, the training intends to implement a horizontal paddle using the backpack loaded in replacement of dumbbells to work back and shoulders.

To burn calories and work chest and arms, we will use the bag to support one hand and the other will be on the floor while performing push-ups plyometric arms to either side, ie, run flexion and quickly move to one side with a jump to support the hand that start on the floor on the backpack.

Also to work shoulders we can perform lateral raises our arms, taking the backpack loaded to replace the dumbbell again. And to train the lower body with jump squats you can use the backpack on our back to add intensity with ballast load mode.

And to train the stomach, we can perform abdominal crunch using backpack hands to lift the weight of the body next to the middle of the body. We can also perform leg extensions on floor using the backpack loaded subject to the legs as ballast.

Thus, we can perform different exercises using the loaded bag replacing dumbbells, and we can do a circuit time of each exercise or perform two to three sets of 20 to 30 repetitions for different movements.

Routine 3: Chairs

Also to train the whole body, this routine divides us we can perform exercises per muscle group. For practice, only we need two chairs, and if we or are in any space of the house, a bar for chin -ups.

To work legs, the routine incorporates squats, Bulgarian squats and strides alternating and elevations pelvis in soil or bridge to work well as legs, buttocks.

In order to work abs, it intends to make plank or abdominal iron, crunch alternate or elevations trunk to either side, crunch invested, flutter kicks -sit L to strengthen different muscles of the middle of the body and isometric L.

To exercise pecs and triceps, it is suggested pushups and funds in different variants such as diamond pushups, pull-ups inflected supporting feet on a chair, and a variant that was included in the first routine to perform tricep extensions in soil.

It also intends to carry dominated with narrow grip to work biceps or pseudo pushups, with palms outward. For the work back, chins and super mans or lumbar extensions ground.

As in the routine above, we can make each exercise two to three sets of 20 to 30 repetitions each, or perform each movement time running circuit.

You see there are different alternatives to train the whole body at home, doing full routines that allow us to be fit without going to the gym or buy expensive equipment.

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