The 27 card games that have to play to forget the Tute

card games

It is undeniable that, in recent years, the world of playfulness has evolved to the point of meeting with a sensational offer games. Every time we have at our disposal a larger catalog and variety of games of cards with many themes, settings and mechanical.

Today we have compiled 27 card games that once you park and enjoy the long summer evenings playing proposals for all tastes.

‘Secret code’

We started with the new winner of the Spiel des Jahres 2016, the most prestigious award in the playful world. In ‘Secret Code’, two teams will compete for, on a board of five by five letters, uncover the spy networkhidden. They will have a key that sets this framework and clues that will unravel by the heads of spies.


A game of visual acuity in his more than fifty letters are full of symbols. In ‘Dobble’, which also has a version for younger, you will find the symbol that is repeated. You open the game, you choose one of five minigames containing and you just go in a highly entertaining session. » Read more