9 shoe models, never go out of fashion

shoe models

Adidas has again become the footwear of a generation (millennial, Z, plan the name you want). Sales Superstar and Stan Smith have returned to skyrocket once again in a headline that could have written ten years ago, twenty and thirty years ago. His reign is imperishable, arises in the eighties, is anchored in the nineties, here turned with a crash in the first decade of the century and, today, in full apology for streetwear, continues to sell more and more and more. Adidas estimated that in 2016 will be able to place on the market 15% more units. It is a shoe that never goes out of style.

And it is not the only one. Trends go, come, recycled, back, disappear and reinvent themselves. But our feet, in many cases, still look more or less the same way. With some tweaks here and there, but equal to after all. On the occasion of at all surprising new reign of Superstar and Stan Smith Adidas, we’ve compiled a handful of footwear sport that has remained undaunted by the passage of time, despising the trends, generations and aesthetic judgments in the heat of a cultural time frozen. Here are 9 shoes that never go out of fashion. » Read more