When to book your flight and hotel to travel cheaper?

travel cheaper

You can save a lot of money on your trips by booking at the right time. We tell you how much in advance you should book your short and long distance flights, as well as accommodation, to get the best price and travel the cheapest.

If you thought it was too late to book your summer trip this year, think twice: sometimes booking well in advance is not the same as finding the cheapest flight and hotel price. » Read more

Changes in Men’s Shoe Fashions

So, it seems our ancestors weren’t necessarily barefoot. Even though during the Medieval period, only the wealthy elite wore new shoes, the poor masses would still have worn some kind of protective foot covering. There was a widespread practice of repairing and remaking footwear that would have been made from leather and any other available cloth. They weren’t all tottering around on heels either, most men’s shoes were flat. The high heeled ‘poulaines’ of the 14th and 15th centuries with pointy toes and 4” heels were strictly for the aristocracy.

Shoes took a fancier turn in the 17th century under the reign of James I. Large bows or rosettes formed part of the shoe decoration with an arched sole and slight heel. Again, the ornate designs remained the preserve of the wealthy. Following the Civil War, leather military-style boots became increasingly popular, both in Britain and Europe. Even the practical designs for walking and riding would still be embellished with some kind of elegant decoration.

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By the late 18th century, shoes were becoming more available for middle class families as well thanks to income rises and more manufacturing sites producing ready-made pairs of shoes. Following the Enlightenment Movement and the French Revolution of the 18th century, the taste in shoe design become much plainer. Laced walking shoes, flat evening footwear, jockey boot, Wellington boot and ankle boots all became popular items of footwear during the early part of the 19th century.

It was this century that saw the emergence of the Oxford and the Derby design of men’s footwear, designs which remain with us today and are as popular as ever. These styles were worn extensively in the 20th century, along with the brogue which has retained its timeless elegance.

The manufacture of footwear became more mechanised and by 1900, most shoes were being made in large factories and sold via retailers as opposed to a hand-made cottage industry. Soon, the middle classes were demanding a much greater range of styles as they took up sports like golf, cycling and tennis – they needed suitable footwear to match. The very best shoemakers still survive today though, especially top-class bespoke shoemakers in London, for example.

From the mid-20th century onwards, the most significant event in men’s shoe fashion has been the huge diversification in styles available. Fashion means that there is now a quicker turnover in fashionable and sought-after designs, greater ranges of pricing and a lot more experimentation in colours and styles. For a truly modern pair of 21st century shoes, check out Mens Rieker Shoes.

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Since the 1970s sneakers or trainers have become universally popular as another style of footwear for men to choose. Fashion is a lot more informal than it used to be and this is represented by increased comfort. Originating in the U.S, sneakers as common footwear was inspired by the basketball and skating subcultures of the 1970s and 80s. Since then, trainers have become much-loved and ubiquitous footwear for boys and men all over the world.

Changing house lights to LED type? These are the fundamental aspects that you must watch over

LED lights

We have seen the advantages of a LED bulb compared to a traditional one, but do we know what are the parameters to watch before we use an LED luminaire? It is not only worth the design, the type of thread or cap or price. There are other values that should be monitored.

We are going to spend money to change the lighting in the house and we do not want everything to end up in a fiasco in the end. It is convenient to stop a bit to investigate and determine our needs. Check that the bulbs we choose adapt to them. » Read more

2018 Men’s Footwear Trends

If you’re thinking of adding something new to your men’s footwear collection, it’s also good to add a new lease of life to your wardrobe. So, what’s hot for 2018? Men’s fashion doesn’t move on as fast as women’s, but you’ll still want to stay right on trend this summer. Here are some current popular styles:

Canvas Lace Ups

This is a massively popular look, probably because of the comfort factor and the ease with which these shoes can be paired with almost any outfit. They are a great option for cooler days, as well as hot, sunny ones and offer a lightweight, comfy design. The canvas is breathable in the heat and also has the ability to keep feet warm in the spring and autumn months too. These are a wardrobe must-have.


Trainers are a great choice whatever the weather. Changing the material choice can help adapt to the changing seasons. You’ll probably want full leather in the winter but can opt for a more lightweight mesh style in the spring and summer. They are ideal to wear with shorts, chinos or jeans. If you mostly wear light clothing, then choose a white or light-coloured pair. For a wide range of Mens Rieker Shoes, visit https://www.cottersshoes.co.uk/product-category/brand/rieker/rieker-mens-2018/


Nothing says summer has arrived like the appearance of sandals of men’s feet. Whether you’re enjoying a barbecue and staycation or hitting a foreign beach – sandals provide a cooling and comfortable option in men’s footwear. Flip-flops and sliders are perfect for lazy days, but if you plan to head out then a slingback or sports sandal will provide more support and comfort.

Canvas Slip-On

Similar in style to the lace up, the slip on is simple, stylish, comfy and cool. They offer both practicality and style when it comes to outdoor summer pursuits. Available in a whole range of colours to suit your wardrobe, this summer trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

Smart Lace Ups

Whether you need formal footwear or something for the colder months, this season’s lace ups are available in some great designs. Why not choose tan instead of black? Or opt for a different finish to your usual, such as matte, patent, embossed or gloss. They can be worn with a suit, chinos or even jeans.

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Chelsea Boots

These boots never seem to go out of fashion, they just look so great. There are always loads of styles and colours to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find a pair to suit your different looks throughout the colder months. They offer an iconic and stylish look and can be paired up with skinny jeans or a classic suit and jacket.


In the colder months, when boots won’t suffice, you’ll want to call on a smart shoe like a brogue. These are a wardrobe staple that every man should own. Choosing a chunky sole for 2018 will keep you on trend with this timeless classic. Traditional black is great for the office, a tan pair for Christmas parties and why not try a rich burgundy for a stand-out winter look?


Five tips for wet-weather camping

Most people’s idea of a fantastic camping trip is sitting in the sun with cold drinks and great food. Wet weather need not ruin your camping trip though, and in fact, some forward planning and minor alterations will ensure you still have a great time. Here are some great tips for camping in rainy weather.

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Buy an air mattress

The last thing you want is to lie on a damp floor. Air mattresses are essential to take on wet-weather camping trips. There are many available, and finding the right one for you will ensure a dry, peaceful sleep.


Weather conditions can vary, so it’s important to bring a variety of clothes. Avoid a heavy travel bag by mixing heavy and light clothes. A variety of t-shirts and hoodies is a great way to go, because they’re light to carry, but also provide warmth in cold weather. Jeans also offer comfort and warmth. Take sturdy footwear that will handle muddy conditions, but also provide comfort.

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Update your survival skills

The best thing about camping is that it tests your survival skills. You need to know how to light a fire and keep it burning in wet conditions. Fires also ward away animals from entering your campsite. If you’re planning on catching your own food to eat, then it’s important to have the right fishing equipment. If you’re planning on hunting, then make sure the area you’re staying in allows you to. Before you leave for your trip, go to an outdoor survival store such as https://www.angloforro.co.uk/ to get advice on which items to take with you.

Plastic bags

Pack plastic bags of different sizes to store your items. Larger plastic bags will stop your laundry from becoming wet and will cover your backpack. You’ll also need to protect your phone and other valuable items. Matches can be protected with zip-lock bags and they need to remain dry or you won’t be able to light a fire.

Pitch your tent on level ground

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to pitch your tent on level ground. An uneven surface will leave gaps for cold air to get through, and you’ll inevitably be visited by some pesky critters. You can also put a blanket or water-resistant mat on the floor to absorb condensation.

Official! The BMW M5 Competition 2018 is a beast of 625 HP and hides many more secrets


The BMW M5 in our market, and the German brand has just released a slightly more vitaminized version if the 600 HP of the standard model are few. It’s called BMW M5 Competition, it has 625 HP and this is what it hides.

Before entering to review all the details of the new model, it is worth mentioning that BMW M GmbH has announced that from now on, all its high performance vehicles will have independent versions with higher performance. » Read more

The beautiful but fragile wings of a butterfly

It is getting close to that time of year again where our gardens will be filled with caterpillars, cocoons and beautiful butterflies. The sunlight shining off a butterfly’s wings is definitely a sight to see. The light seems to reflect the beauty of these insects even more. Similar to how light reflects and refracts through the glass of Chandeliers UK products like those from http://roccoborghese.com/

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Here are some of the more common butterflies that you may see in your garden this summer:

  1. Peacock – One of the most numerous and unthreatened species of European butterflies. It has a very distinctive red colour, but the most striking thing is the black and white eye that is thought to ward off predators. This may explain the non-threatened status. It starts to appear in the spring through the summer.
  2. Speckled Wood – As suggested by the name, these butterflies are located near woodland. The can easily be spotted as the are covered by an orange and brown appearance. The speckling is black and gives the butterfly a spotty appearance.
  3. Common Blue – This beautiful blue butterfly is unfortunately now not so common. Its habitat has been slowly eroded away seeing a drop of ninety six percent in its numbers making it very threatened. Improvements and sanctuaries have been made though and the numbers appear to have stabilised. The problem is that the plants that host mating and larva and cocoons are being systematically destroyed as we lose grassland and woodlands. Special conservation measures have been taken to provide a more stable environment where these butterflies can safely breed has ben in place for many years. The male is a complete pale blue whereas the female is a darker blue with red mottling around the edges of the wings.
  4. Tortoiseshell – Once one of the most numerous and common of Britain’s butterfly’s it was an affirmation that Summer was here when one saw a gathering of this species. Environmentalists see it’s decline as an example of Global warming. It was strongest between 1975 and 1995 when the summer began wet and moved into a warm period. Scientists can find no solid reason for the decline other than this factor as the species does not do well in drought but that is not a common feature of Western Europe where the numbers have decreased significantly. This decline seems to be continuing and unless our habits change this species is going to be in trouble. It is a very distinct colour of orange with a black and white strip in the top of it’s wing. Underneath it is black grey colour completely different from the top to aid in its camouflage.
  5. Red Admiral – This striking butterfly is all black with vivid slashes of Orange and White blobs across its wings. It is an extremely territorial creature that will refuse to mate with other butterflies of its type outside of its area. It is quite a common sight.

Into the Saddle – Things to Think About Before Buying a Horse

Are you considering getting a horse as a pet? Maybe you or your child have a keen interest in riding, or maybe this is something that you are just beginning to look into. If you love animals, you may be better off with bronze wildlife sculptures. Well before you do go ahead and get a horse, there are a few things to consider beforehand….

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Do you have a suitable place for your horse to live? Horses are large animals – they require exercise and a great deal of care. It is unfair to keep an animal cooped up in a place that is too small or not suitable for them. One of the most important requirements is space – the horse will need to have access to a field to exercise in on a daily basis, best if it is with other horses. They will also need somewhere to shelter from the weather – the heat of the sun or the cold wind, it is important that the horse has access to a good shelter.

The cost of owning a horse is a great deal more than buying it. You will need to think about daily requirements such as food and livery costs, as well as the cost of a veterinarian and a farrier. If you are going to be riding the horse, you will also need to buy other equipment that you need, such as saddles, stirrups and reins for example, as well as the correct attire for riding, like riding boots and hats. Research all of these things before you buy a horse, to make sure that you are able to look after the horse financially – remember that horses live into their 20s, you don’t just think about now!

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It is also important to remember that caring for a horse takes up a great amount of time. When you are looking into livery, think about the amount of time you will be able to devote to your horse and how much care that it takes.  As the horse gets older, it may develop health conditions that will require additional care, so think about this too. If you know any people that already own a horse chat to them – ask them how much time they put into caring for their horse and any other questions that you may have.



Could you Survive in the Wilderness?

In our modern-day lives, the majority of us probably don’t give a second thought to outdoor survival skills – why would we? We are constantly with our mobile phones, able to summon help to anywhere that we are if we should need to. We expect services always to be available to ensure that we are never in a situation that means that we have to fight for our survival in the wilderness. But have we become too reliant on technology as a species? Would you know what to do if there were a disaster or if you were stuck out in the wilderness with no communication with anyone else? Here are a few things to remember that may one day save your life….

First aid skills are one of the most important things that you can have when it comes to surviving on your own. Whatever has happened that leaves you stranded, you, or a member of your group if you are with others, may well have suffered injuries. If you do not have any first aid skills, you should get yourself on a first aid course and learn them! Always keep a first aid kit in your car as well as in your home, so that if disaster strikes, you are prepared for it.

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When you are stuck out of doors, you will need to build yourself a shelter if there is none available, this is a major priority, especially at night, as it will offer shelter from the weather and also any wild animals that may be on the prowl for their dinner (depending on where about you are stranded of course!) Fire is another important thing to have – learning to start your own fire is another important survival skill, as it will provide both heat and light a night. Having survival supplies that you know how to use such as Vanquest outdoor gear from http://www.angloforro.co.uk/product-category/brands/vanquest/, is another great idea to ensure that you are well prepared.

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Water is essential to human life, and we can’t get by for very long without it (approximately 2 days). Finding a source of water is one of the first things that you will need to do, and you will need to make sure that it is clean. You can get water purification tablets, but there are many other ways to clean water that will make it safer for drinking – you may not have water purification tablets on you, but you will probably have clothes which can also become a handy water filter! When it comes to food, it is a good idea to learn what is and isn’t poisonous in the natural world – if you get it wrong you could be in for a nasty bout of sickness, or even death.

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