Dress well to work better! Each has own dress code

dress code

Dress code at work: How important is it?

How many have we heard exclaiming that the habit makes the monk? Of course, it is a simple way of saying yet we cannot pretend that it does not contain a fund of truth. Those who work in contact with the public, especially sellers and commercial buyers, need a particular outfit, in line with what they are sponsoring or selling. The dress code of a vendor, whatever its scope or sales sector, cannot under any circumstances appear sloppy, uncared for and, above all, not inclined to understand the real wishes of those who are in front of it. Think of a seller of jewelry or precious stones: surely, it would be out of place if she wore an aged and worn-out jeans, a pair of sneakers that has seen better years and a very simple, almost monastic shirt. So it just doesn’t work! Nobody would be tempted to buy a jewel, a clear reference to a luxury item, from a person who does not care about his appearance, who has chosen his dress code with far too much nonchalance. How much would our desire to buy precious and gems change if we found ourselves in front of a young and well-groomed woman, with a pinstripe skirt or trouser suit, high but comfortable heels and long, tapered hands, nicely decorated with a simple yet effective nail art ? This would probably affect our final evaluation, inducing us to buy what is presented to us in such an affable and fascinating way. The dress code, therefore, counts more than we think, it is the first business card to conduct a sale in port which, often, can prove more difficult than expected. » Read more

Strawberries: properties, nutritional values, benefits and contraindications


Typical red fruits of spring, strawberries are rich in vitamin C and compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor action. Let’s find out all the benefits and nutritional properties of strawberry.

The strawberries are a fruit spring rich in property, sweet and sugary flavor that make them one of the favorite foods by children. The red fruit that we all know well in reality, from a botanical point of view, is not a fruit but a container of many different fruits (the yellow seeds that we can see on the red surface of the strawberry itself). » Read more

How to match palazzo pants

palazzo pants

How to match the palazzo pants you just bought or the vintage originals inherited from your mother to keep up with the latest fashion trends?

We will reveal it to you: you just need to take note of a few small tricks and you can combine your palazzo pants with many items that you certainly already have in the closet. If not, however, you can take a cue from our advice and go shopping now! » Read more

How to disinfect the suitcase: Tips for traveling safely

disinfect the suitcase

It takes just a few minutes to sanitize the suitcase and prepare it for a new trip: Here are some simple tricks.

In the unequal fight against germs and bacteria, we will always be one step behind, but we can do a lot to live and travel safely. For example, have you ever disinfected your suitcase on your return from your holidays? It may seem like a trivial gesture, yet think about how much dirt accumulates on its surfaces. » Read more

Conga 3490 Elite, a powerful intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that does everything

Conga 3490 Elite

There is no doubt that cleaning the house is usually one of the least desired activities, not only because of how boring it is, but because it takes away free time to do what we really like. But this is something that has changed substantially since devices such as the Conga 3490 Elite appeared, one of the most versatile vacuum robots on the market. This small 4-in-1 appliance has a professional laser mapping system that will leave the floor cleaner than ever. » Read more

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