5 ways to make your clothes look more expensive

It really is possible to make affordable pieces of clothing look more expensive and here’s how.

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Elevate finishing flourishes

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We all know that finishing touches can make or break an outfit and the same can be said for small design features such as zips and buttons. Swapping inexpensive looking plastic buttons for trimmings that look more refined can completely transform an item of clothing in just a few minutes.

Only wear garments that look brand new

If your favourite item of clothing has a stain or imperfection that you can’t fix yourself, try taking it to your local dry cleaner to see if they can restore it to a like new condition. Similarly, if you notice a loose button, thread or hem, it’s likely that other people will notice as well. Ensuring your garments look new will immediately make your ensemble look more polished and put together.

Tailor every garment

An affordable garment can very easily end up looking considerably more expensive than a designer item if it fits your body perfectly. Something as simple as having the hems of your maxi dresses altered can make it look like they were made for you. maxi dresses are online at AX Paris and if you fall in love with a piece that isn’t immediately perfect, taking it to your local tailor before putting it in your wardrobe will always be worth the extra effort.

Extend time between washes

Keeping your clothes clean is important but this Cleaning Institute article suggests that you can get several wears out of certain items before they need to be washed. Washing fades colours and causes additional wear, which will ultimately impact longevity. If you notice a small stain, try spot cleaning it before throwing the whole garment into the washing machine. Similarly, if you notice an item has a scent but is otherwise clean, put it in the freezer overnight and it’ll be gone by morning.

Avoid intentional distressing

Distressed fabrics and trimmings can very quickly look old and tired, especially when the garment was extremely affordable to begin with. Although ripped jeans generally look great at all price points, other forms of distressing are much more difficult to pull off convincingly. When you’re shopping, if it doesn’t look completely credible and well executed, put it back on the rack and look elsewhere.


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